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25 Responses to 10 Games – ADC2 – Android Game

  1. TheSharkzz says:

    @Deferreon android games is same as iphone

  2. TheHrEr says:

    u mean ACDC :)

  3. D8mien13 says:

    @Deferreon That’s funny, because android has nvidia tegra now…..

  4. FreeTVideo says:

    Jesus. Did the phone just die or something..?
    Talking about funeral music..

  5. themramaz says:

    awesome nice aps…tho i have the gt540 which doesnt have multiple touch.. if you want to see some non multi touch games go and see my vidios

  6. AndroidHD says:

    New playlist available on my channel , enjoy ;)
    “Android Games ( Best Top Games Playlist 2011 )”
    A little or a big THUMBS UP on my NEW video to encourage me to make NEW video about Android Games ,would be much appreciated !! ANDROID FTW

  7. sonicblast19 says:

    sad that portable gaming is heading to touchscreen..touchscreen only is gay..at least have some buttons..

  8. Mr1800THEBEAST says:

    bad music

  9. Gallboynarossan says:

    second game = tron light bikerace

  10. MrBrazil000 says:

    Ooo User Tiger04044 has all the best game for Andorid, – 110 mb games and apps!!For example:Angry Birds,Abduction and more!//Download I recommend you!

  11. Babcia04 says:

    User tiger04044 has the best package of games and applications on the android

  12. JoeyFreakRox says:

    what phone is that here its a mytouhc

  13. Coptersa007 says:

    horror movie piano playing!!

  14. hellofello2 says:

    Awesome !!!! do these game work on any android phones like the motorola dext ?

  15. Cheryl2010ist says:

    add me in gang wars!!!

  16. MrElgemann says:

    The song dosnt match the video……

  17. whedsky says:

    what phone is this anyways

  18. ThatWeaponGuy says:

    go checkout my vids

  19. thenotox says:

    About android games, i made a puzzle game, it’s “PhotoMix”. You can shake the phone to shuffle the image, it’s fun ! please send me some reviews if you like!

  20. curlyhot15 says:

    good video what is the name of the song?

  21. divagril1995 says:

    What was the second game called that u played

  22. t00126987 says:

    Yea and i hope they do, apple are really shitty to developers. I am personally hoping android will at some point over take the iPhone in market share, i would much prefer to be making apps for a Google product than an Apple one.

  23. thecousin says:

    I really love android, but the iphone still has a better graphics card,better than the nexus one and slightly better than the droid. I still dont like the iphone or mac but android phones don’t seem to be designed for games sadly.

  24. orams1 says:

    these games make me realise why I love my IPhone so much ;-P

  25. ellenschniedel says:

    android 1.5 or 1.6 ? prob. u need 2.0 or 2.1

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