10 BEST Android GAMES

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10 Best GAMES of the week 1. Bugs Circle 2. Drunk Man 3. A Monster Ate my Homework 4. Muffing Knight 5. Bloody Bunnies 6. Sheep Launcher Free 7. Gravity Wins 8. Neon Racer Lite 9. Word Ball 10. Bouncy Mouce

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50 Responses to 10 BEST Android GAMES

  1. Mattttttttttu says:

    so how far can you go ..

  2. shrpits says:

    what about angry birds fruit ninja talking tom but still a great video

  3. ASDREX458 says:

    “You get home work…” ,ahem …
    lol XD

  4. mw2zorzest says:

    Super kick box!!!!

  5. MrCalamityX says:

    Haha “Muffin King”

  6. EzioTarabilda says:

    were u find a monster ate my homework and bloody bunnies
    i whant download them but i can find

  7. Reaper213ful says:


  8. randombakuganboy says:

    thank you soo much. Bloody bunnies was great on my HTC sensation 4G

  9. kitkattrouble says:

    Thank you I love it vids,always so helpful

  10. asphixmx says:

    My “kinda” favorite, is… “boom”, muffin knight! :D I like your reviews man, thanks!

  11. myzne2012 says:

    @technme I wrote a question on ur other video iphone ols 5 plzzzz answer . Thanks in advance .

  12. myzne2012 says:

    @technme I wrote a question on ur other video iphone Rom plzzzz answer . Thanks in advance .

  13. optimusguy94 says:

    Hey can’t wait for your next video been waiting for it;)

  14. sedaya22 says:

    Thanks I hope you decide to give me a shout out cuz id love more views. Will you help me out?

  15. MisledTrick says:

    Lol, you seem very happy to kill bunnies!

  16. chicalindapr says:

    Wtf? Is this guy a copycat of Tha Cool Looser?

  17. jivandabomber111 says:

    @TechandMe lol cool. btw cool vids. i suggest in your next app week do talking tom the cat 2 :D keep up the good work

  18. TechandMe says:

    @waldo94591 ya i was able to do it without a problem.. i just restarted my phone( normal switch off and then on) with wifi on.. when it was done restarting completely it notified me that the new update was avallable for miui so i clicked update.. and it restarted agin into recovery mode and then loaded up the new version and rebooted again and it was all fine..
    i did read online that some evo usere were having a problem with the new update.. but it worked out fine for me :) all the best

  19. TechandMe says:

    @jivandabomber111 my wife’s favourite ones. :)

  20. TechandMe says:

    @andymvp10 if u cant find them on the market that means your phone does not support those graphics and hence are not available for your phone.. sorry :(

  21. corruptscorpion says:

    why do you talk like girls?

  22. andymvp10 says:

    where do you get these games from? I cant find them on the market….

  23. MOTACJ says:

    @TechandMe that was sick. I watched that like 10 times

  24. jivandabomber111 says:

    LOL nice bed sheets at the beginning

  25. waldo94591 says:

    Were you able to update your miui to 1.9.9

  26. smaneesint says:

    Wow its like a year ago since i first saw this video and the top comments are still the same!

  27. thielenm says:

    What I want to know is how much this guy makes

  28. Speedomon says:

    wow, this guy looks like he worked way too much since his last speech…

  29. SuperCommentkid says:

    @mrdexter86 Are you implying that this guy is Jim Morrison reincarnated?

  30. swift1984m says:

    This is all great, I wrote my first game in app inventor and I found your videos, really interested in game dev

    I pretty much liked the Replica Island, its fun on HTC wildfire. (*** Market doesn’t allow me to install this “HTC wildfire is incompatible”, I see no reason when I play using tilt).

    with out installing it via Market it doesn’t allow me to input a comment … pretty annoying.

    Please allow it to be installed on HTC wildfire via Market.

    PS:Thanks for your awesome Session.


  31. latinocheech says:

    That sweater is just criminal lol…
    Is this guy for real? I program all day long and there is not a chance.
    Maybe it’s a side effect of coffee? :)

  32. Znupi says:

    43:04 the caption says “f the users” :P

  33. FreedInsanity says:

    @oldarney Yeah, I haven’t heard anything glowing about Objective C (maybe that’s why it was dead for some time.) Java and C#, on the other hand, are commonly used as introductory languages. Good to know, thanks.

  34. oldarney says:

    @FreedInsanity Actually, I took a joint course in mobile development, At the end of the day only one out of 9 teams decided to do their final project on ios. And everone got low grades on their iphone assignements. Objective C is not an easy cookie to swallow.

  35. FreedInsanity says:

    @wildchildd As a prospective developer, I wholeheartedly agree. Programming for Android would be a nightmare for a new programmer, compared to iOS. However, Windows Phone 7 seems like the perfect hybrid, given that the free dev tools come with a fully-featured emulator.

  36. AdamSurfari says:

    let’s put a plus so it stays acurate ;)

  37. ChazDunn says:

    @AdamSurfari *400,000 as per Google I/O May 2011 :)

  38. ChazDunn says:

    @AdamSurfari *400,00 as per Google I/O from May :)

  39. AdamSurfari says:

    Nice video, however… what a difference a year makes.

    Currently there are almost no 1.5 or 1.6 devices:

    Android 1.5 3 1.9%
    Android 1.6 4 2.5%
    Android 2.1 7 21.2%
    Android 2.2 8 64.6%

    Also all of the new 300,000 Android phones activated a day are new costumers that are already on 2.x platform. OGLES1.x was an aberration and should die as fast as possible.

  40. PauletaBaron says:

    Hey guys! I though i would share with you THE BEST app for ipod touch and iphone! iwifihack (dot) net

  41. RainaDiuli says:

    i just found out how to hack wifi with my android phone! iwifihack . net

  42. prasj1986 says:

    Pretty awesome video. The speaker has performed a great research on user feedback and so is Google. Typical googler :)

  43. TheHumansoverMoney says:


    lol probably you grammar idiot lol.

  44. TheHumansoverMoney says:

    These are the devs the industry needs, if i wanna reach the maximum number
    of users, i pobably should consider their point of view..

  45. TheHumansoverMoney says:

    lol 1 june my birthday

  46. TheHumansoverMoney says:

    fuck man, his brain is has no pauses between what he says and thinks… genius

  47. OMGlo0lz says:

    i put this guy on with rainymood xD

  48. DeepakPawndU says:

    @mrdexter86 and thats why he talks wise ;D

  49. todorokispecial says:

    Presentation well done, but big disappointment about the “sales” as the game seems to be free.
    As someone that spent time to develop for Android and is earning $2 per day, the presentation gave me some false hope for a minute there.

  50. FreedInsanity says:

    An hour-long rebuttal to Apple’s fragmentation argument.

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