Android Apps Kami Retro

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19 Responses to Android Apps Kami Retro

  1. controllerbrain says:

    I like this game, I’ve also only unlocked the first two maps. I just beat an almost impossible level on the second map, and now the current level is completely out of my ability, so I gave up.

  2. rogerthat713 says:

    that game sucks

  3. suliemanhs says:


  4. Xxx0ninja0marx0xxX says:

    @planbsk8er38 actually i recommend getting the sony erricson xperia play and an iphone 4 than u will be bomb

  5. TmoAndro says:

    @ZachhFrosty big props keep makin vids ! your great love watchin em

  6. ZachhFrosty says:

    @ChinasGotYa thank you!

  7. ZachhFrosty says:

    @IpodJonProductionS Lol, is that a game?!

  8. ZachhFrosty says:

    @TmoAndro I use the Canon T2i :)

  9. ZachhFrosty says:

    @planbsk8er38 Droid X2!

  10. gnlnick7 says:

    @planbsk8er38 y dont u want the incredible 2 or new bionic thats coming out?

  11. planbsk8er38 says:

    Should I get the Droid x2 or iPhone 4??

  12. TmoAndro says:

    hey what kind of camera do you use ? the screen in my video doesnt look clear

  13. IpodJonProductionS says:

    dude im going to request a video for u to do mesomorph…its kinda confusing, and i think u really explain stuff good

  14. ChinasGotYa says:

    I’m going to try out that app! Looks pretty cool, good review :)

  15. ChinasGotYa says:

    I’m going to try out that app!

  16. CoolWoman98 says:


  17. ITequilaI says:

    whats your lockscreen? ty for answer

  18. androidevolution says:

    kinda retro look.. i think ill pass.. but thanks

  19. sk8erboy0987 says:

    follow me on twitter ppl @JonathanGravess
    i’ll follow back:]

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