Android Game, Asphalt 5 – 3D Racing Game

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Asphalt 5, 3D Racing Game

Samsung Galaxy S 3D Racing Game - Asphalt 5

The full version of Asphalt 5 is available for free in Samsung Apps. The game runs well on the Samsung Galaxy S.
Android Game Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to Android Game, Asphalt 5 – 3D Racing Game

  1. katyszex1 says:

    When i try install Asphalt 5 : this game is not for your device :((( help !

  2. imtiaz7451 says:

    dude u can double or triple click the nitro sgin

  3. BabyZai94 says:

    so you from much you bought this phone for?and why do i play angry bird on this phone it is facing some lag..while alsphat doesnt face any lag..

  4. StickMan1316 says:

    3 people suck at this game

  5. Nikola93Zakon says:

    Which Theme u got?

  6. LetsPlayTamohawky says:

    Is this game free?

  7. sapiensbryan says:

    You can definitely play it offline. :)

  8. EragonGNC says:

    is this game an online or you can play it offline to?

  9. noelmdn029 says:

    buddy how are you a question, where you descargastes these applications and wisthg & Games

  10. valdinei90 says:

    this is how many of five asphalt resolution?May this asphalt has how many mb?

  11. valdinei90 says:

    this game has no asphalt 5 x8 for xperia?

  12. bilalkanaan says:

    thank you brother nice game

  13. DirrrtyDutchMTRFCKR says:

    xd ur awful

  14. dubbelfrisss579 says:

    it looks so mutch better then asphalt 4 on the star!!

  15. flongobongo says:

    Yes it has the fastest GPU indeed, but no only of the Android phones, because the gpu in the galaxy s is even faster than the Iphone 4′s (that is the same in the ipod touch 4g).
    It can handle 90millos of triangles per second!! and support opengl es 2.0.

  16. Chrizile says:

    why is your maths book in the back ground..

  17. undeadelite says:

    blows my graphical ballz away

  18. Subaruking85 says:

    Christmas : Smasung Galaxy S :-DD

  19. NimDod says:

    That’s the best looking racing game i’ve see for a cell so far

  20. The00Dan00 says:

    why is brickeN_?

  21. savbers says:

    you need to reflash your phone. It’s brocken. Search YT on how to do so.

  22. savbers says:

    @PatriciaAelita you must install from samsung apps which is an app that comes on the phone.

  23. omaryoma says:

    y when i download….then until certain percentage…..the percentage drop down….then redownload… was like dis….0%….10%..15%….20%…then suddenly -19%….-17%….-12%….-9%..-5%….0%…then start downloding again

  24. sapiensbryan says:

    Yes, it’s free and available for download in the Samsung App pre-installed in the phone.

  25. shuffle851 says:

    is it free

  26. cromeaxe says:

    plz give. the link for download

  27. DigitalBroomstick says:

    3D Mark Mobile

  28. zawette says:

    is there a way to desactivate it ?

  29. VraiDiouf says:

    gameloft says hello

  30. cromeaxe says:

    Whats the benchmark app tell me the name

  31. lotli83 says:

    HTML video players are BREAKING youtube experience for those with sub 1 mbps connection >:-(

  32. DARKENDER17 says:

    all of that games are on android

  33. pYthQn says:

    HTML 5 Video Player = PAIN IN THE ASS

  34. HuATTK says:

    Well I got ONE good news for you: Dead Space is now out for your SGS. One good game! Need MOIRE (intentionally misspelled for emphasis).

  35. thankennedy says:

    he said new my eyes went directly to the upload date

  36. VolxMart says:

    xD че , я не понял ?

  37. mrseapig says:

    From what i know the Ipad2 has a better gpu than the ULP gpu chip in the tegra 2 chip. So if they keep it up i think they will be fine. :D

  38. mrseapig says:

    the iphone 4 has a arm cortex a8 processor. the same as the SGS.. the SGS however has a much more powerful gpu than the iphone 4. However whats the point of having a more powerful gpu if there arent much games where u can put them to use. Thats one of the many bad things about android. WE NEED MORE APPS!!!

  39. ThePerformance says:

    everytime i look to the comments below and theres a war, i just got lazy to read others.

  40. Illmatic662 says:

    Yes, but lets not forget about that recent large lawsuit between Nvidia and Intel, it ended nasty. I still think the chance of seeing an iPad someday having Tegra inside is possible. I have not had any problems running Tegra games on my Tegra 2 device.

    Like I said though, the iPad killer thing comes from the media more then the manufacturers. For example Engadget might see an awesome device and proclaim that it’s an “iPhone/iPad killer”

  41. HuATTK says:

    shaolin95, your Galaxy S is one generation apart from current model. It is running on Cortex A8, which puts it more or less on the same league as iPhone 3GS, if you want to compare with Apple. Apple iPad (and possibly also iPhone 4) runs on Cortex A9, with GPU similar to the PowerVR on Galaxy S. However the problem with Android lies in the amount of apps. Have you played this game called 9mm? Or this other game called Infinity Blade? Or how about Aralon? No? Dead space? Or how about…

  42. HuATTK says:

    Let’s just say the chances of Apple using Tegra is slim to none. Apple recently revamped their Mac lines and wholesale shifted from Nvidia to ATI. Adding to that, they don’t want to cause app incompatibility between iPad versions, which is what makes most Android games not run on Tegra 2 in the first place. You should know if you own a set. I get butthurt just from trying to get a handset Tegra game to run on Tegra 2 tablet. As to your last question: again, google for “iPad killer”.

  43. Illmatic662 says:

    What makes you think that there will not be an Apple device that uses Tegra? There is a strong possibility that could happen one day. For many years Macbooks were only using Nvidia GPU’s. I think the chance of Tegra eventually coming to iPad is good. Which Tegra 2 tablet do you have? I also have a Tegra 2 tablet…………

    The iPhone/iPad killer thing has to do with the media NOT the companies. How many companies have actually come out and said that there product is better then Apple?

  44. shaolin95 says:

    Not sure where you got I have a Tegra…Iown a Galaxy S with a GPU that kicks the crap out of the iPhone over priced hardware that is the point…apple zombies pay more for less

  45. HuATTK says:

    Have you not been paying attention to the development of tablet devices, which the Tegra 3 is poised to premiere on? Tegra 3′s main competitor is the iPad 3. As for “killing the iPad,” google for those 3 words. You’ll find that every time a tablet maker comes up with a new product, it will supposedly kill the iPad. We’re still waiting for that to happen. Also, read my reply to shaolin95. And FYI, I own a Tegra 2 tablet. So I have a legitimate grudge. You?

  46. HuATTK says:

    And in the meantime, still no apps for your Tegra 2. Wait for Tegra 3, and then what? Same shit as Tegra 2? I’m not saying people should side with Apple. I’m using hyperbole here, since Apple is the status quo these days. Seriously, this no-killer-app-to-support-your-hardware craziness has to end. Or do you really expect buyers to be happy with yet another round of low-rent gaming like Riptide and Samurai II? Go and Google for Tegra 2. You can count the games with one hand.

  47. Illmatic662 says:

    This makes no sense to me? What on earth does Tegra have to do with Apple anyway? I have never heard anyone proclaim the death of Apple with any Tegra device, your comment comes off as elitist. How did iPad even get in this conversation?

  48. shaolin95 says:

    By all means enjoying your IPad 3 …as long as people like you keeping buying Apple will keep shoving up your assess. lol

  49. HuATTK says:

    You guys keep saying wait for Tegra this, wait for Tegra that. But look at Tegra 2. When Tegra 1 was here everyone says yeah, this will kill the iPad but good. But then it didn’t. No apps! Then Tegra 2 came out. Yeah, iPad 2, now you DIE DIE DIE. But then, NO APPS! In fact games run worse on Tegra 2 than some funky thing like in this video called Adreno. Now you’re saying, wait for–

    Hold that thought. Lemme just wait for iPad 3 while you get your act together. How about that?

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