Android Game, Ra One Genesis

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The official Ra.One India game – Genesis.
Android Game Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Android Game, Ra One Genesis

  1. TheGoerdev says:

    This game is a insult for the ps3

  2. 1231abdulmannan says:


  3. juzerfancy123 says:

    Y do you belonging to pakistany ISI…… lolz :) hahahahahha

  4. juzerfancy123 says:

    good joke….. however, you angry man, wrote in BLOODY caps.

    don’t mind this is just like a forum, people does have different-2 synopsis to present their own view.

  5. TheSoulja99boy says:

    Hey i’m also Bangladeshi and i’m sure Bangladesh could make a waaay better game with Unreal Engine 3 by licensing it

  6. TheSoulja99boy says:

    They should have made this with Unreal Engine 3, it’s licensable

  7. mohammad faraz says:

    what r u saying its such a f*****g game

  8. Bollywoodfreakii says:

    i want to play this too but i don`t can do it everytime the want my facebook side … but i`ve play Little G.One….its a nice game for Android…=D its not an game with levels..its something like doodle jump…but i Love it…oh and the Movie is The mest i ever see =D <3

  9. bshivam2001 says:

    i thought the game would be awesome like shown in the movie!

  10. winxclub2ful says:

    The game is the worse :( but the movie rocks :D

  11. AbrarDaBest says:

    I love Ra One Movie, it is my favourite movie in the world! But The Game Looks Crap!

  12. pspkh2 says:

    looks rubbish but movie was sick!

  13. DanDaManStudios says:

    is that heavy from Team Fortress 2 in the lower left at 0:22

  14. 1231abdulmannan says:

    suck suck suck suck suck suck stupid indiaaaannnsss

  15. TVAmericanDad says:

    Its not Ra.One, its GTA 5.

  16. BatKnight0 says:

    sort of reminds me of cole from inFAMOUS and Iron Man mixed together

  17. sadffi says:

    it is amazing and no one can compete it

  18. 1231abdulmannan says:

    fuck ya bitch!! not you only fuck all indian asszombies

  19. 176rimco says:

    fuck u

  20. gamer29867 says:

    hello yaar i am not stoneage i am want create dx 10 that perform pc fast you said dx11 and dx 12 does not support 1gb graphic card i want create the game that play all pc users

  21. 1231abdulmannan says:

    this thing suuucks!!! indians do the things that american do.they cipy the americans hehehe

  22. TheThespeculator says:

    did hey say  focking bolts?

  23. 9wrongnumber says:

    Respond to this video… and another thing do u know anything about GTA 4

    it took 5 years ,1000+ develops ,,100mil production cost to make GTA 4

    time-lapse cameras were set on rooftops in New York to capture the correct intensity of the rain. Over 100,000 photographs were taken on location

    so u still planning on making something like :D LMAO

  24. 9wrongnumber says:

    its just next to impossible dream i am not fully saying impossible but its too big to imagine

    we are soo back in advanced technology may be happen if all people work hard without this corruption may in after 40=50 years but at that time foreign country had something else out of our reach ……..

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