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Fruit Ninja! Fruit Ninja is a game for Andriods, iPhones, iPod, etc… It’s a really amazing game, addicting yet exciting at the same time. Once you have downloaded the game, you won’t ever want to remove it. This was the first game I bought, & the only one I have kept. Truly is my all time favorite game for Andriod. So, I thought I should do a gameplay / review about it.

Dog Wars runs on Googles Android and it has drawn the Attention of Animal Rights Activists and others. Just an open discussion of your thoughts on it.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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25 Responses to Android Game Review | Fruit Ninja

  1. rulesforrebels says:

    at first i didnt care for it but like the creators say, gta was way worse, its a game not real life.

    rulesforrebels website just did an article on it

  2. ElfDa says:

    fighting games like Street Fighter don’t teach players how to become Bruce Lee; first person shooters don’t provide step-by-step instructions on how to clean, load, or fire weapons, nor how to use explosives.

    This game provides step-by-step instructions on how to abuse dogs to turn them into fighting animals. Not okay.

    Grand Theft Auto never taught kids how to wire a car, bang a hooker, or how to best dispatch her, later.

    Does anyone remember the baby shaking “game” that was on the iPhone, f

  3. Bleedingclaw says:

    I don’t see the problem if it’s just a game…Like you said in the video, I LOVE playing Mortal Kombat, but you don’t see me ripping my enemies leg off and feeding it them.

  4. hmng2009 says:

    Dem i think this fame would be tight!! If u dont like it than dont play it duh!

  5. outdoorsthings2 says:

    this “game” needs to be gone, im a pitbull owner, this type of stuff gives them a bad name and promotes dog fighting, it needs to end, even non dog owners agree that its wrong

  6. mosquitio says:

    @MulaFBaby Why do people care? – because people who play this game are going to take it to the next level. which is actually fighting REAL dogs.
    Why don’t they make a game about child molestation? – it WILL be JUST a game. – OH, no sorry, people wont like that.
    This game is pathetic. oh and yeah, you got something to be proud of there; in the top 10 for fighting dogs -_-

  7. jps9901 says:

    @djbethell You’re an idiot. You were fooled by a troll, someone who opposes the game, or you just made it up. You can’t wait for the pedophile game I bet, you sicko. Get a life, dumbass. The game is in no way offensive to anyone who isn’t a complete moron.

  8. djbethell says:

    @jps9901 Part @ “I found ur stupid article trying to find pits 4 sale and equipment for fights. Hell YAH I will start fighting dogs!!! They making all kinds of money!!!!

    DOG WARS rules but real thing is better~!”

    Seems there are idiots out there that really are encouraged. Fair enough they will be the same psychos who want to kill after a war game, and yep, these guys join the army for that. Wonder when they are going to bring out a groom-a-child-for-a-pedophile app?

  9. djbethell says:

    @jps9901 Part 1 of a comment on an app forum “Ha ha it’s not gone. I hope that game never goes away. I started playing this last month and went to my first real dog fight last night. I graduated from that game and the real thing is WAY BETTER!!!! WHAT A RUSH. So sad that dogs die? They’re just dogs, ppl – things! Stupid things that were bred to fight and die!!! (cont)

  10. GUMPnSTEIN says:

    @jaaan17 sorry man,,,I do things like this so i can add advertising to them..i do game videos and am not a part of machinima so this is how ya make a dollar if you do game videos…

  11. jaaan17 says:

    fuck man I expected gameplay..

  12. jamaljamal85 says:

    Is there a game for ass raping rednecks with splintery broomsticks? My favorite game is the border game where you shoot fucking illegal borderhopping mexicans. It’s fun. HAHAHAAAA!

  13. jamaljamal85 says:

    @GuardianAngel5150 Listen, asshat, nobody puts animals above humans. Abuse is fucked up in any form. Damm you are a freaking moron.

  14. momkarenof5 says:

    Sorry but I think this is rediculous!…why didn’t they use spaniels or labradores..NOT LIKE I agree..or how about having the more vicious Chihuahua!…why Pits! Its sad how when so many are trying to clear the Pits name and not this UGG!

  15. GuardianAngel5150 says:

    Never ceases to amaze me that Michael Vick did more time in prison for dog fighting than some people get for molesting kids. They’re dogs for chrissakes. Any human being that pits an animals live over the value of a human life? They deserve to not be here.

  16. screamtherapy2010 says:

    @jps9901 Your comments about thumb wars and red faced from eating spaghetti have made you calling me ridiculous completely fucking ironic.

  17. screamtherapy2010 says:

    @jps9901 Don’t imply I said things I never said. I said nothing about banning or free speech.

    There’s so much abuse in this world it’s disturbing when companies come out with sort of thing and even more disturbing when people are okay with it.

  18. screamtherapy2010 says:

    @jps9901 The whole idea of it and the graphic for it is grotesque. I really don’t care if it’s just video of dogs barking or chasing chew toys. In the game it’s a training excercise for fighting the dog even if you never see the fight. With all the amazing technology and brilliant minds on earth this is the shit people are coming out with? Pathetic.

  19. excell18705 says:

    Y V V 7 2 5

  20. jps9901 says:

    @screamtherapy2010 If you played the game, you would bitch slap yourself for how ridiculous you sound.

  21. jps9901 says:

    @screamtherapy2010 The entire premise of most games is disgusting. Don’t play it…problem solved. Trying to get things banned because they offend you…now that is really disgusting.
    There’s no visual on the fighting so for all you know the dog’s are having a thumb war and the red face is after eating spaghetti. Or just change the name to “Lion Wars” and activists are fine with you training one of god’s creatures to fight for amusement.

  22. screamtherapy2010 says:

    @jps9901 The entire premise is disgusting.

  23. screamtherapy2010 says:

    This dog wars app is for the lowest forms of humans among us. I play tons of video and computer games but this is just for sick people by irresponsible money whores. Android can fist itself into oblivion because nomatter what they come out with i don’t want a damn thing to do with this company.

  24. MulaFBaby says:

    Y ru ppl Taking this game up the ass its jus an app its not lyk were going out actually dog fighting so who the fuck cares nd yes i play the app top 10 player but im out haters

  25. GUMPnSTEIN says:

    @dixieandleona of course, lol yes

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