Android Game RoboTek HD

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Android Game RoboTek HD

Android Games RoboTek HD, The humanity had fallen. In the great robot uprising machines took the planet over. Empire of Machine is the new world order. It’s time to take it back! One node at a time. Rip through your enemies with lasers, electrocute them or fry them with microwaves. Deploy your own robots to fight for you or steal them from your enemy. Protect and upgrade your forces or throw them away in a ruthless wave of destruction. Get experience from every battle, level up, gain power and crush the Empire of Machine! Check out the Strategy Guide for additional tips and tricks: IN-APP PURCHASES Robotek is free to play supported only by optional in-app purchases. You can finish the entire game without re-charging your energy. Play it safe: Learn all of the symbols in tutorial. Do not challenge nodes tougher than you. Master the gameplay, level up and go against weaker nodes first! You can always reset the campaign in Options and start from scratch. However with any in-app purchase you get: • Power & Coins • gain access to RECHARGE NODE • better Power gains for every victory • unlock the DUEL mode to play with friends FEATURES • Unique blend of strategy, action and RPG. • More than 200 levels spread all around the world. • Rewarding skill system with more than 30 levels. • 9 upgradable slot symbols to fit your own style of play. • 4 special abilities including the devastating Nuke. • Play thrilling hotseat duels with your friends! • Online hall of fame – Your scores can only grow

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13 Responses to Android Game RoboTek HD

  1. Apmeekin2 says:

    He got soooooo lucky with that unmaker omega

  2. NSMetroid says:

    @kccoolguy looks like it worked to me…

  3. kccoolguy says:

    @kccoolguy If all else fails do what I do and prevent yourself from losing charge so you never have to pay money for more charge in order to keep your same campaign.

  4. kccoolguy says:

    Get Droid, Get shield (keep renewed if lost), if you get to roll again and still have your shield get Drone. If you have all 3 in place and its your roll, try for an “unmaker”.

  5. kccoolguy says:

    @NSMetroid nope I can’t even post the great flaw in the game to keep your charge when you lose

  6. NSMetroid says:

    @kccoolguy they shouldn’t be censored. can you not see them?

  7. kccoolguy says:

    WTF “error….) What are you now censoring the video comments, lame ass. To afraid to hear someone elses opinion.

  8. NSMetroid says:

    The game is oldschool. You play and see how far you can get. If your strategy doesn’t work, then you have to start over and try and conquer the world again. That’s why there’s the “Restart Campaign” option. It’s not supposed to be easy. This is not a game that was dumbed down for the general population. You are a computer hacker, and you have to have world server domination. I will have a tutorial shortly.

  9. kccoolguy says:

    This game is stacked against the player. CPU hacks you more often than you. CPU is able to use the nuke before you can. So the nuke is basically useless. However, being smarter than the game I’ve figured out how to never lose “charge” when you lose. Right now I am level 12 and 1910 charge. (I refuse to pay any money to this game) I have all the 500 nodes beat. Still sux I will never be able to use nuke before the CPU does…

  10. CoCoLo1199 says:

    @EdwardBBTeach Your first two points are dead on. And I’ll add that 99% of the time your opponent will hack one of your best droids, while your attempts will target your opponent’s weaker ones. At first the odds seem to be against you and the computer opponents will get every upgrade you get, but if you develop a good strategy you should do fine. Right now I’m at level 11 and it’s a lot easier for me to win now than it was at the beginning.

    Force field + Omega Unmaker = :)

  11. EdwardBBTeach says:

    This is what I found: The computer opponent cheats. (1) The rolls are not entirely random. It gets perfect rolls far more often. (2) The computer’s Hacking attacks have a very high chance of working, while yours hardly ever works. (3) The game is stacked against you the player. There are not enough enemy nodes to level you quickly enough to fight the tougher nodes. The gap will keep getting wider, unless you keep paying real money to upgrade. Do yourself a favor and avoid this game.

  12. NSMetroid says:

    @CoCoLo1199 i agree, im still new to it and wasnt sure what everything was, and honestly was a little worried i was going to loose. haha

  13. CoCoLo1199 says:

    Your review is very bland.

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