Android Game Speed Forge 3D

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Android Game Speed Forge 3D

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Android Game Speed Forge 3D, 3D WipEout-like game for Android running on Galaxy Spica i5700 (for
Android Game Speed Forge Rating: 2 / 5

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12 Responses to Android Game Speed Forge 3D

  1. blasphemous24 says:

    imo, TurboFly 3D is better than this POS

  2. MrFroopi says:

    annoying backgroundmusic

  3. sukabomber says:

    this guy is drunked?

  4. MrFroopi says:

    The Game is ok, the Handy is mad!

  5. 0blackthunder0 says:

    visit forum.mobilism.o r g for free wm, iphone, android,….etc games and apps

  6. Goudie35 says:

    @Perej2 Asphalt 5 and Raging Thunder are unplayable on Spica… Speed Forge 3D is actually one of the best 3D games playables on Spica, but you can follow on Facebook/Newsletter/RSS to be notified for 3D racing games who enjoy Spica ;-)

  7. Perej2 says:

    Have you tried with another games like asphalt 5, mystique, mystique2,raging thunder or gameloft HD games.
    Can you do a list with some game that works well.

    Thanks man

  8. Goudie35 says:

    @Perej2 Adjust graphics in the game options to low, otherwise try to kill some apps there running in background (before lauching the game)

  9. Perej2 says:

    What do you do in order that it works so rapidly.
    In my spica doesnt work well. So slowlyyyy

    Thank you for the response in advance

  10. Porsche010 says:

    damn.. make your camera FOCUS!!!!

  11. PiotrFilipek says:

    I have Samsung Spica too :D
    This is good phone but for me too small screen size and resolution.

  12. TheFlashek says:

    Good galaxy Spica :) Game 3d is cool

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