Android Game, Fish Food

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Free Android Game, Fish Food

A quick walkthrough of the free android game ‘Fish Food’ which combines elements of match-3 games such as bejewelled and a hint of pacman. How to play and where to download included in the video.

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7 Responses to Android Game, Fish Food

  1. skipjimroo says:

    This game is amazing. Plain and simple.
    Just a suggestion, but you may want to consider speaking to the Feint game spotlight people. It could lead to Fish Food gaining even more exposure than it already has. Plus, as a user, I have to concede that leaderboards and achievements would make a really nice addition :) Thanks again for creating this wonderful piece of software and bringing it to the Android marketplace.

  2. supimu says:

    I can’t find the game for some reason

  3. 0blackthunder0 says:

    visit forum.mobilism.o r g  for free wm, iphone, android,….etc games and apps

  4. BoringPeopleEnt says:

    check out our skit on fish food!!!

  5. ArcHieBarnaul says:

    Good review. Thx.

  6. JubilantAntics says:

    looks awesome ounce i get the htc incredible this will be the first game ill play

  7. oasis2ooo says:

    Great stuff!

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