Android Games, ARMA II: Firing Range

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Android Games, AMRA II: Firing Range

The newest game to hit Tegra 2 Android devices has arrived. ARMA II Firing Range THD has been provided by Bohemia Interactive as a detailed 3D weapons firing range game, giving the ability to see the specs of each weapon and also see to them in action. This isn’t the first game Bohemia Interactive has brought into the gaming world, but it is the first to arrive on Tegra 2 Android devices. ARMA II is much more than just shooting guns down a range. Each weapon has its own unique style and history to be learned and experienced with. Each firing range has different goals and multiple styles of shooting set for the user. You can compete with other players around the globe with highscore leader boards and achievements?

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12 Responses to Android Games, ARMA II: Firing Range

  1. ylli1231 says:

    Full auto Revolver? should include that in ArmA 3

  2. jpthepartyt says:

    “There are three, four, five, four AK-47′s” This guy obviously can’t read or count, or is dyslexic.

  3. KevinDunbarf says:

    4:20 lololol

  4. laylow545 says:

    Shoot the gun n shut up

  5. Magpuloperator says:

    Those are Ak74s they fire a different cartridge than a 47. Thanks for the review!

  6. kyokunlovesgames says:

    I bet they made the game only to test out the graphical power. I’m hoping their going to make a full arma game later for the android tablets :-)

  7. muh1h1 says:

    can u use sniper?

  8. tcpnet says:

    awesome.. can’t wait to try it out on my transformer.

  9. senistardogs says:

    wow, how can this possibly be fun for more than 1 min.? i already got bored just watching the review (no offense to the reviewer, thanks for the videos)

  10. HGEMAIL says:

    Graphics look good

  11. aratsky2 says:

    this game sux

  12. clays121 says:

    The Call of Duty “BROS” should like this POS!!

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