Android Games – Asphalt 5

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Android Games – Asphalt 5

Asphalt 5 for android Qvga screens (240*320) 100% WORKING

APK FILE SD CARD DATA Install the APK file and then put the data in. sdcard/gameloft/asphalt5. Then start the game. Please note that this game is for QVGA Screens (240*320)

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24 Responses to Android Games – Asphalt 5

  1. 4tYNa1 says:

    @ishanganjoo press ok . and then the game will start without playing the video.

  2. fujisan360 says:

    make a video tutorial on how to install the game.

  3. Vipul243 says:

    i installed the apk but it is not fitting in the screen everything appears zoomed pleasehelp(using galaxy mini)

  4. ishanganjoo says:

    I followed the steps on Galaxy Y but when i start the game , it says “THIS VIDEO CANNOT BE PLAYED” n the game goes off !!!!!! PLS help ….I really wanna play this !!!!

  5. TIGER4229 says:


  6. 4umeetu says:

    i cant get it in my galaxy fit
    same cell as in video
    i hv 2.3.4 gingerbread
    tell me y?

  7. MrDreamer342 says:

    wtf it works but i hear no background music and the engine sound work 5 seconds then mute:((

  8. adnanado4 says:

    will it work on galaxy mini

  9. AnsariMdTalha says:

    Lags on Galaxy Y

  10. Mramogh15 says:

    Thnxxx man for the links….I never thought Asphalt 5 would work on my Micromax A60….

  11. TheSonu34 says:

    @ozone19911 yes it will

  12. ozone19911 says:

    will it work on galaxy Y?…

  13. TheSonu34 says:

    @mayankharsani1 yes it will work with your device and for more games for your device go to my site hdgames4android.blogspot(dot)c­om

  14. mayankharsani1 says:

    Will this work on  htc wildfire????

  15. TheSonu34 says:


  16. prenume100 says:

    did u upload NFS HP and Asphalt 6 ? I really want it…

  17. iChiodos08 says:

    it will work to samsung galaxy mini?

  18. TheSonu34 says:

    @kingtennant no you don’t need to root your device to run the game

  19. kingtennant says:

    does it need to be rooted ?

  20. TheSonu34 says:

    @scorchain first you need to put the apk in your mobile and than you need to install the apk after that you need to run the game and when it will ask you for additional data close the game and than add the data to sd card

  21. scorchain says:

    which one first to put sd or apk???

  22. scorchain says:

    soooooo…….is it working on samsung galaxy y???

  23. TheSonu34 says:

    @krirk007 You should either download additional data from your phone or you need to download the sd card data from the link which i have posted in the description

  24. krirk007 says:

    the game doesnt work on my galaxy y ….but it starts and asking me to download additional data….. plz plz help …

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