Android Games – Best Gameboid Games

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Best Gameboid Games for Android

Android - Some awesome Gameboid Games

Some games I think are the best to play on the Android. There are better gameboy games but not too good with touch screen. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S My Top 2 are: “Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis” (not as good as the original but its still okay) “The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap” The others are “Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town” (Lost all my saved data) “Golden Sun” (Lost all my saved data but completed) Pokemon: Fire Red Any of the Pokemon games for GBA are still awesome to play but i prefer the remake of the original because im not up to date with the new Gen(s). I would have put Mario 3 in but it sucks with touch screen Also try: Mario Kart. Advance Wars. Zelda: Link to the past. All Pokemon Games. Golden Sun 2 And if your wondering who the musics by, its my band.

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19 Responses to Android Games – Best Gameboid Games

  1. leothaweechok1234 says:

    Any idea how to download games?

  2. weward says:

    how long does your battery last while playing?

  3. LtLuckey says:

    gameboid won’t work for my galaxy tab, but at least n64oid does. I can play majora’s mask wherever I go now ^^

  4. ThereRLG2006 says:

    Looks like you need an Xperia Play. It makes Emulators SO much better!

  5. RaXoNIfY says:

    I have a quieston, Where do we download gameboid?, I cant find it in the market?

  6. 1stUltimate says:

    Great music!

  7. blugtar87 says:

    @bociabana go to download gameboid and gba_bios.bin. put them both on your sd card. then after that download some roms from a site like gameboid seems to only play GBA games tho.

  8. ashlewismusic says:

    @bociabana Theres loads of videos explaining how to do it on youtube, maybe you could search “how to play gameboy games on android”
    you just need to buy an emulator off the market, find the best place to download the roms and you need to download a bios file. Which it would probably be easier to watch someone else do it on youtube haha.

  9. bociabana says:

    @ashlewismusic How can I play GBA games on Android ?? I can download roms from Android market or how ??

  10. santrale1000 says:

    anyone know some hacked pokemon roms i can get using my droid phone and tiger gba is a full free version of gba emulator so plz pm me any ways to get hacked pokemon games i mean hacked like start of with mew 2 or somthing like that not some made up pokemons

  11. pminidk says:

    Where u get pokemon

  12. DeathMurderRape says:

    is the button placement like that in this game? or did it change after an update or something? it realle bugs me that the dpad is where the L is supposed to be, my thumb keep blockin almost the whole left side of the screen..

  13. Lawtsy15 says:

    Check out my channel for some Android Content

  14. xiomora11 says:

    Epicest video evaaar …

  15. HWM122 says:

    Awesome vid and song

  16. ashlewismusic says:

    @RyanThorntonFTW Umm it was the latest at the time mate, its updated since though. 

  17. RyanThorntonFTW says:

    what version of gameboid is that

  18. ashlewismusic says:

    @junkauge Yeah the only rom i had a problem with. But i eventually found one that worked perfectly on my third attempt. The other 2 kept crashing on the battles for some reason…. But i did complete it a few months ago but couldn’t be bothered re-doing it to film it as i lost saved data. One of my best games from childhood :D

  19. junkauge says:

    aww you skipped over golden sun lol. Can you tell me how well it runs? when i emulated it on psp back in the day battles were all nasty and laggy for some reason so I always have a fear itl do that on other platforms as well.

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