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Brother In Arms 2 for Android

This is a preview of the game Brother in Arms 2 for android!

Android Games Brother In Arms 2 Rating: 4 / 5

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29 Responses to Android Games Brother In Arms 2

  1. saitek658 says:

    @17DSG first dude gio has a 800mhz gpu it wont take it so overclock it : second download it for free on the internet

  2. sergiodea7crack says:

    los motorola son una mierda moviles

  3. sergiodea7crack says:

    yo le tengo,esta muy bienn

  4. 17DSG says:

    I can’t find it in the Market, I have a galaxy Gio

  5. contasfree says:

    I installed this game on my xperia x10 mini pro plobema the android 2.1 … is that when I arrive at the stage of the desert sun on the map africa … I can not pass when I’m down on top of the tank with a machine gun … i kill all opponents leaving only one q is behind a rock .. I can not give kill him .. he comsegue not kill me! someone has got to spend so what?? min helps!

  6. Domickoh1999 says:

    is this the latest update?

  7. unique10303 says:

    would it work on a samsung admire?

  8. swwisler says:

    Does it Works on htc wildfire s ?

  9. rafazildowinter says:

    I have a galaxy sii and i can use the accelerometer to make the moves of sight, this makes the game extremely fun and easy to play. Furthermore it makes possible to run, aim and shoot at the same time. =)

  10. alonalon777 says:

    @mp455 just move the same finger after you click the fire button, there you go…
    incase you are 1cm away, just hold the fire button with your finger, and slightly move it.
    it will not stop firing until you let go of the screen :)
    but chuck doesnt needs to, he always gets headshots. becase bullets chuck fires will ALWAYS hit the head…

  11. UglyCookiesNotApples says:

    Btw, if u want best graphics, get modern combat 3.

  12. UglyCookiesNotApples says:

    @flippy9133 ”Would be”? It is. I have xperia play and i play this game much! This is so cool game. :)

  13. Silentkiller111097 says:

    @wavewafe hey bud, the games is now free on the Android Market…

  14. BlaugranaFan5 says:

    This game are like Medal of Honor Airborne =)))

  15. TheRealHackmaster says:

    I tried to play this game online. You have to use dog tags/money to get weapons and ammo, and you can waste 10 shots on an enemy player on the head without killing him, while he can use 1 shot to kill you.

  16. TheRealHackmaster says:

    @wavewafe Sir Mr. Ignoranto
    This game is now FREE on Android Market

  17. Mr2Arian says:

    do you need software to play it cause i cant dowload it on my huawei

  18. wavewafe says:

    Listen everybody i found a cool way to get this game for free

    1: You mast have , a laptop , an android and another mobile (not android) but requires bluetooth

    2.Download the Brothers In Arms 2 Global Front HD 3.1.6.apk file and send it to your old phone ( NOT ADNROID )
    3.Send it to your android using bluetooth
    4.install the game
    5.Click yes at the download requires
    6.Enjoy game 4 free!

    Thumbs up if it works (Working on HTC wildfire)

  19. IOIFREAKIOI says:

    have fun

  20. Imadeyourun says:

    @MrCfx3987: Actually. I believe that iphone has this game as well.

  21. sonialambeck says:

    i love this game!

  22. appippappi says:

    Does this work on samsung galaxy mini?

  23. MrCfx3987 says:

    haha apple fans howtcha like to have one of this game!

  24. BugattiNinja says:

    I wonder how good this would look on the Galaxy Nexus’s 720p 4.65″ screen. Amazing

  25. dxthack says:

    i lag on this game

  26. jamoligz says:

    kaya nga..dapat i-root mo na yan

  27. marlon18885 says:

    Can I Update may galaxy Y 5360 from 2.3 Gingerbread to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich? I Wish there will be an update Next Year…

  28. eroc213 says:

    nice. sure ako hindi nakaroot yang gt-s5360 muh. ang panget ng game eh

  29. CharlouNicole says:


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