Android Games Final Fantasy VII PS1/PSX

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Android Games Final Fantasy VII PS1/PSX

Runs great on high-spec phones like the Desire and Incredible. You need: An android phone (obviously) psx4droid, get it from the android market or download it online. (Go to and search psx4droid) PS1 Bios (essential) – Roms, you need to find these by yourself, just google ‘console’ roms. Or use your own legal roms. 1. Plug your phone into your computer and create a folder called ‘roms’ on the root of your phone. 2. Drag the bios and all your roms into this folder. ( A rom can be .iso, .bin, and some other file formats) 3. Load the psx4droid app on your android phone, load the bios and enjoy ps1 games!
Android Games Final Fantasy VII PS1/PSX Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Android Games Final Fantasy VII PS1/PSX

  1. IXxhpnotiqxXI says:

    @tsukomani yes. You have more than enough processing power. I’m running this on a optimus s overclocked @ 900 mhz.

  2. Mrsteelfoxy says:

    can someone give me a link to download ff7 :p

  3. skullspirit1 says:

    psx4droid work great, before I try FPse that just crash and PSX player (i paid a lot ) that didn’t work ether. (T.T) Then this glory YouTube video save me all the trouble and even have a quick save button I was looking for my day was saved by you :P thank you

    and btw. I got galaxy tab 10.1 and recommendation to all the tha useres, that love FF VII get this.

  4. BryanSuper96 says:

    i have a huawei u8650, can i download this fantastyc game and play qith outl lag? :O

  5. revolverocelot009 says:

    It runs on mine too, can swap disc and have sstates, and I can play for hours without rechage, some android games kills the batt much faster than this imo…

  6. TheBlackMonster74 says:

    Does this kill the battery? How long can you play before you have to recharge the battery?

  7. cronochos says:

    emulators on touch androids suck so bad

  8. filipe687 says:

    @ifarah12 i say noob, onestelly…

  9. 6471917 says:

    How come the sound emulates so good on your phone? Mine has sound but… it goes dead silent on some areas, and music sounds like… cut, or something, I can’t get long tones on the victory fanfare for example. Why? I’ve tried SPU sound but instead of emulating better, it mutes the game.

  10. shykonaruto says:

    How did u get your sound so smoothly

  11. sambalzone94 says:

    can it run on samsung galaxy wonder? mine’s that hp

  12. MrKrayyon says:

    change the layout of the buttons :)

  13. DaGleese says:

    so… how does one change the disc? does it support savestates?

  14. DaGleese says:

    @xXazukiroxxxX it is free now :D

  15. wintez says:

    did this phone have to be overclocked to run so smooth?

  16. subs2witch90 says:

    PSX4droid keeps jumping to the app market? whats up with that.

  17. CrazyYaZnWalk says:

    what about desire s?
    do you can make a rewiew how to install it?;)

  18. MsTatakai says:

    samsung galaxy GT-5500I? could run it ?

  19. xXazukiroxxxX says:

    @UzumakiNarutoKun96 It really isn’t a problem but i don’t feel like paying

  20. UzumakiNarutoKun96 says:

    @xXazukiroxxxX Lol you whine over paying a little amount to get unlimited legal acess to all ps1 games? nab

  21. AncienTLorD86 says:

    please…doews it working on galaxy ace…?

  22. xXazukiroxxxX says:

    Why isnt it free? -_-

  23. bionicle2122 says:

    It wont fucking load! I have the bios! But the game just doesn’t load! Can someone help me?

  24. XReaver1 says:


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