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Game for Android – Hyper Jump

Android Games Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Android Games, Hyper Jump

  1. welcomezik says:

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  2. csmgscs says:

    @Fuckin17u wowo?
    really are you that dumb? O.o

  3. Chaytup says:

    @Fuckin17u Why do you have a smartphone if ‘yur a kid?’

  4. M0cADude says:

    4 shared….. for free

  5. SuperStuid says:

    they totally coppied mega jump

  6. SuperStuid says:

    they totally coppied mega jump

  7. m1c0sTic0 says:

    @MackerelAssasin …

  8. MackerelAssasin says:

    @m1c0sTic0 due to pirates like you, developers earn less, no new apps + games, every single console/system/OS in this planet WILL die if people like you aren’t stopped.

  9. awsomesausebanana says:

    will this work on my samsung galaxy 5?? :)

  10. qadison says:


  11. linkingiamba93 says:

    2:30 shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
    Nice game ;D

  12. ewqcdhBCVADHCEJ says:

    Looks like a revamped Mega jump.

  13. m1c0sTic0 says:

    @Dailyapper I think that you’re so stupid if u pay the apps from the android market ! (sorry for that ) but here is a thing that would help u a lot! Just go to on ur phone and download everything (every app and every game you need) Thumbs up if this helps. (sorry again for that word)

  14. wirew says:

    @Fuckin17u spend 1,99 USD?

  15. ShizNat77 says:

    for the coming soon stuff, would you need to download it again or something if you wanna update it? sorry i just got my android and I’m just checking.

  16. AcAnimate says:

    Doodle Jump inspired ? But still, this looks much better and funnier than doodle jump

  17. FuzzyTurtle9000 says:

    Gee, look familiar. (Mega Jump! (much better!))

  18. summer0rawks0 says:

    @jamesroot9777 thats because this was posted like a year ago.

  19. jamesroot9777 says:

    lol i got it free from the android market

  20. PXIKOPATA says:

    Beautiful gameeee :D very Fun Guys xD

  21. ETF0Freak says:

    how did you get that app? i cant find where to download it :(

  22. fourzero40 says:

    Way better than Mega Jump, but then again, that game is also coming out for Android, so win-win.

  23. coolkeyblade says:

    @Fuckin17u If you’re a kid, I don’t think you should have a username like that.

  24. The07211999 says:

    does this work on cruz tablet

  25. N64ROCKS says:

    @Neoxoz already did i got 10419

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