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Pandas vs Ninjas for Android (Angry Birds-like game)

What would happen if Angry Birds featured pandas and ninjas instead of birds and pigs? Well, that’s exactly what Pandas vs Ninjas tries to accomplish. It’s an obvious attempt to recreate the popular title and it is lots of fun to play. An alternative game to play once you’ve finished beating Angry Birds 2 or 3 times.

Android Games Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Android Games, Pandas vs Ninjas

  1. Sexyalberto98 says:

    angry birds much better than this game

  2. xDxPxOxF says:

    This game sucks, angry birds is million times better, this is just ***** -.- :)

  3. SuperKai2000 says:

    android ver. is different from windows ver.

  4. PXIKOPATA says:


  5. Robster881 says:

    This works on my 1.5 Android phone.

    Where as Angry Birds doesn’t

  6. TheRealTornNshatrd says:

    Much better than angry birds. Angry birds rarely works on g1, and if it does it run EXTREMLY SLOW. panda vs ninjas loads fast, and runs fast. 5 *’s. Only 1 problem. level 3-22! How do u beat it!

  7. TheNathanealChannel says:

    Yay 4 angry birdz

  8. StringyUK says:

    Looks a good game… times like this make me sorry I have a BlackBerry. Decent stuff on iPhone and HTC but BB is yet again left behind. BB is limited to the great game of “sudoku”, or the even better “check your mail quick or that flashing red light will annoy you some more”.

  9. StringyUK says:

    I’m concerned about this game. Pandas are on the endangered species list and this game just advocates hurling them at panes of glass and brick walls. Developers: You should be ashamed of yourselves! :P

    As for ninjas… I don’t much care for them.

  10. zpunout says:

    Games from the 80′s and 90′s had his concept. ie. Artillery Duel on Commodore 64, Scorched Tanks on AMIGA and Scorched Earth on MS-DOS PC.

  11. Duke3231 says:

    @Rogue0DK lol i get it haha


    Angry Birds is just as much of a copy as this game is angry birds is a copy of so many games that came out well before its time!!!

  13. al246135 says:

    @shitdodo if you don’t like it
    1) email angry bird to sue this game
    2) don’t give this thing 1star

    ( angry birds is gona be a movie

  14. Nephalen says:

    why change a winning concept?

  15. silarman says:

    That´s awsome

  16. popo2k3 says:

    lol, I thought the exact same thing.

  17. MrEugene9 says:

    Nice game and graphics, works really well on my Droid 2. Well, Angry Birds is also a clone of many flash based games…. nothing wrong with it!

  18. nkrsv28 says:

    Is this coming to iPhone as well?

  19. nkrsv28 says:

    Love it!!! What some people don’t realize is that it was specifically made that way, no one was trying to pass this through as an original. Why not? Angry Birds can only benefit from this game and especially the discussions that all of YOU or, should I say, US are participating in. Great publicity stunt for developers!!!

  20. illmaticNoise says:

    @dowblab powermat wireless charging battery door

  21. alexbbb777 says:

    NICE GAME GUYS!!!! So pretty and fast :) Alex Bogdanovich

  22. dowblab says:

    Whats plugged into the charging port of your phone??????

  23. haaks600 says:

    kung fu panda look a like = fake and gay

  24. jubbing says:

    It’s OBVIOUS the ninja’s stole the panda’s eggs. Right?

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