Android Games – Tiger Arcade

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Android Games – Tiger Arcade

Tiger Arcade Game for Android phones. App for phones running Android OS. Plays arcade games (MAME). Limited to Capcom CPS1 & CPS2 roms. Not all roms work. Download it from the google app market. This is version 1.0.4 You can use a controller from the nintendo wii to play games or touch screen or physical keyboard on you phone. I show giga wing and marvel vs capcom. google ‘cps2 rom’ to find games.

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48 Responses to Android Games – Tiger Arcade

  1. illutionillution says:

    I have tried every version possible on my google nexus s and I have had no luck. I tried a few roms including the recomended caddilacs and dinosaurs. It just loads up the game pad screen with a black background. I don’t know why it isnt working. Anyone else who has had similar problems and fixed it, please let me know

  2. iknowineedausername says:


  3. gunBENdam says:

    mines not full screen :(

  4. Aligehri says:

    is a good emulator, but i cant play Toki >=/

  5. Akuma1976 says:

    Anyone know where this can be got, not on the market no more :-(

  6. nickbaldeagle01 says:

    I’ve got the Sony Xperia Play and I must say that the Neo Geo emulation (for games that work) is awesome. I’ve got a GPH Caanoo but I reckon it will gather dust now I’ve got all 5 Metal Slug games up and running. The 1Ghz processor on the Play really can power some good stuff.

  7. nickbaldeagle01 says:

    @babycrash9 Type rockwaldo into Google. Happy gaming.

  8. dzammit85 says:

    @babycrash9 get rom buddy 2, from the android market, they have all the street fighters on there, ive downloaded them all and they all work fine on my galaxy s2.

  9. babycrash9 says:

    can anyone help me find a working marvel vs capcom rom and a king of fighter 2002 rom for the tiger arcade. mvc is my all time favorite game and i would love to have it on my phone. but all the roms i have found make the rom force close. i have only been able to make the marvel vs street fighter guys plz help

  10. babycrash9 says:

    can you help me step by step on getting marvel vs capcom i cant seem to get anything to work

  11. k1baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    THANKS BRO!! :D r there any other wirless usb controllers?

  12. AliceinNirvanagarden says:

    wow I have an LG Ally running at 600 MHz with NO LAG WHATSOEVER….
    Never had to wipe my card at all.

  13. RestoreEyesightNow says:

    Its pretty shit if you need to wipe your sdcard before it will run properly

  14. RestoreEyesightNow says:

    Its pretty shit if you need to wipe your sdcard before it will run properly

  15. wiigametoplay says:

    wow this is badd asss

  16. audicabriov6 says:

    !!! if you got the NO ROM problem !!! :

    1. You must at first CLEAR your SD-card (save the old sd-card datas on your pc)
    2. Install the game and put all your roms on your fresh SD-card (don’t forget the neogeo bios – the “”)
    3. Than put back your old datas on the sd-card and enjoy the great emulator!

    works fine on Motorola Droid 2.1;)

  17. fathom614 says:

    Could you send me the apk file since its no longer available in the market. would gratly appreciat it.

  18. nickdollahz says:

    cant get this app to see any of my rom files. Is there a special name convention or directory roms must be in?

  19. haksam82 says:

    can anyone help me run this on moto droid 2.1? seems to auto close once i run the program :(

  20. resetsurvivor says:

    Do you have a Wii?

  21. shinobiwan23 says:

    @Droiddoc97 this is version 1.0.4 -sorry, i had meant to include that when i originally posted this video.

  22. Droiddoc97 says:

    which version do u have? 1.1.4 or something. cuz i downloaded for my moto droid and it always closes. i never get to play anything. nice vid!

  23. digitalmixer says:

    where do i get rom games

  24. VideoGameCoupons says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Awesome Post!!

  25. Nanditu12 says:

    I like it when he say hola como estas

  26. HOLYREAPER917 says:

    I updated my droid and somehow it lost my marketplace, do you know how to get it back?

  27. DCdorian says:

    The only thing app i wish i can get on the Droid 2 is the Intua Beatmaker, thats the only app that seems that the Droid market doesnt have

  28. zoolizzyful says:

    hey there, the android-market on my Droid doesnt exist i tried every possible way to get it but i just couldnt :(
    would u kindly help me ? I am living in the Kingdom of Saudi.

  29. Modz4life2 says:

    i can’t download mobile defense. Its not even there on my droid

  30. r0nb0b says:

    You’re the man!

  31. ericaldon72 says:

    THANKS!! I’ve watched a lot of these reviews for the Droid and you mentioned apps that I had never heard of! I’m getting them all! Thanks again!!

  32. lloyd76oswald says:

    I think you might have the record for saying “basically” more times in a video than anyone has before.

  33. SncHD says:

    You really are cool, and don’t have an annoying voice. :D Good review

  34. Therapman420 says:

    “Or english” Haha.

  35. ELBxARTIIST says:

    Good review

  36. Allovertheplace2012 says:

    another great vid…I have a moto cliq and i have dl several apps from your vids i am very pleased and impressed by your analytical reviews..the traslator works pretty good.. ultimate faves is cool too!

  37. matthewgutz says:

    @DroidReview ya it does, but u need to slide it out

  38. bennettcullen says:

    does it have a keyboard (not only on the screen?) :

  39. bravechampion2 says:

    for my ultimatefaves i can’t put it in the wallpaper backround so it looks really bad. Is there some reason for this yours looks so much nicer

  40. timodell1 says:

    Thanks for all the work and info. You covered a lot of ground work for me. My Moto Droid come tomorrow and I already have a jump start on the apps that I want thanks to you.

  41. tajtrnr says:

    what about kkid gbc?

  42. jacobquijas1231 says:

    can u download movies for free??

  43. ayperibellydnsr says:

    For people wondering about Ultimate Faves app. It is listed in the market as UltimateFaves. So no space between the words and there it is…

  44. JoschlBoschl says:

    Thanks a lot for these good vids you made… xD please make more thx :-)

  45. LuigiIrace says:

    you say “basically” a little bit too often! j/k, goood video!

  46. HackerX5 says:

    Customizable is a word :)

  47. XYoUnGMoN3YNiCkX says:

    lol thanks for Trippo Mondo. Im passing spanish now [:

  48. dieseldum2 says:

    i cant find this widget ultamte faves
    or fabes

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