Top Three Android Tablet Games

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Honeycomb is so pretty. But it also puts a ton of great games on your tablet, like top-down shooter “Guerilla Bob,” dog-fighting sim “MiniSquadron” and the hack-and-slash hybrid “Dungeon Defender.”Video Rating: 4 / 5

Top Three Android Tablet Games Rating: 5 / 5

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31 Responses to Top Three Android Tablet Games

  1. Fantaz21 says:

    Now on $99 HP Touchpad…

  2. TheDragonicaFan says:

    This is so much better than iPad

  3. yaosio says:

    These are not reviews, they are ads, deal with it.

  4. playernumber2001 says:

    2.99 is the sweet spot for apps imo

  5. TonyTheTiger1516 says:

    fuck the ipad

  6. whitetyger00 says:

    I have new found respect for tablet computers.

  7. ChrisMolokini says:

    Hey AOTS you should give me one of those tablets so I can play those games (:

  8. sleep410 says:


  9. RedlineNRG says:

    All the veins in my penis are throbbing. I need to masturbate now.

  10. TheAsianWeedWacker says:


  11. FaggotryNotPermitted says:

    @MinecraftMods ADADASdasdsadDadsADsADa i typed

  12. MinecraftMods says:

    @FaggotryNotPermitted yOU CANT TYPE lol JK

  13. FaggotryNotPermitted says:

    @raineko98 mANY DO

  14. YoungSpliff72 says:

    @zombiekillah16 Touche Douche

  15. raineko98 says:

    @FaggotryNotPermitted I find irony in your username.

  16. superpowers1234 says:

    i want that last game

  17. Silent65O says:

    @FaggotryNotPermitted to fail at trying to be first.

  18. RUSSxT says:

    I’m so sick of this craze… get a real video game…

  19. zombiekillah16 says:

    @YoungSpliff72 last to get laid. Happy?

  20. FaggotryNotPermitted says:


  21. YoungSpliff72 says:

    last…………….. your move people

  22. acdlegend says:


  23. EveryOneHatesNelly says:

    whats the name of the song that starts at 0:25

  24. howtomen says:

    @phonecatss im buying at apple store

  25. iover9000 says:

    4:00 i thought u sped the video up there. Chris, you spazzed like a pro.

  26. phonecatss says:

    @iCakeez thx iCakeeeeeez

  27. phonecatss says:

    @DanielSouler =p
    its all left brain / right brain trickery.

  28. phonecatss says:

    @howtomen yuh!
    ipad soon? where you buying!?
    feel free to skip the unboxing vid.
    i just want to hear if clocky is cool.
    i think i jammed everything into 1 or 2 boxes.

  29. howtomen says:

    lol cool app im going to get it oh and im going to get an ipad soon so ill play you on muffin knight and im going to make a video on the contest prizes i won but i have to wait for the third box to arrive cuz i only got two from you

  30. iCakeez says:

    2nd snif snif. Lol ty for vid

  31. DanielSouler says:

    After watching that…I think I am really stupid…..

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