Assassin’s Creed on XPERIA X8

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Very fast, no lags, on the whole screen, as a rule. Now with Jump on camera button! Regards to ~Nops~ from 4pda

ShakyTower is a challenging physics game with a twist. Show off your stacking skills, blow things up, avoid obstacles and use many awesome tricks to experience the ShakyTower worlds. Explore the Forest World, slide your way through the Ice World, don’t get sun-burnt in the Desert World, fend off sharks in the Underwater World, don’t get lost in the Computer World, and show cosmic skills in the Moon World, Armstrong-style! DEVELOPED BY MOBILLNESS.COM

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31 Responses to Assassin’s Creed on XPERIA X8

  1. ThePeraxx says:

    @oniman217 yes and it runs smoother in android than in the ds

  2. Byzial says:

    Whats the background music name?

  3. lickie47 says:

    Does splinter cell conviction on xperia x8 ?

  4. oniman217 says:

    omg…omg…omg…. it has a ds emu! naw im jk but thats the exact same game from the ds assassins creed

  5. TheCaspian1231 says:

    custom rom?

  6. DisasteryMr says:

    custom ROM

  7. TheCaspian1231 says:

    how can u use android 2.3.4

  8. TheCaspian1231 says:

    send my the link pls

  9. DisasteryMr says:

    you are wrong, u can use controls

  10. avitia1000 says:

    That’s gay you can’t use the controls

  11. TheGamesAndvideos says:

    can i have those links please, i will subscribe :)

  12. muzhafarazhar says:

    PM me those link dude.very cool games.i played it b4 on playstation pc and now i wanna try it!send me guide how to install it with apk and data im so sorry

  13. muzhafarazhar says:

    PM me those link dude.very cool games.i played it b4 on playstation pc and now i wanna try it!

  14. raycromex00 says:

    pm me plz…thanks

  15. MrSalamnur says:

    please pm me the link for the new apk….thanx

  16. Tanganyikacichlids says:

    How can I get this game?

  17. MrOooMooo says:

    you cool ..

  18. adamm988 says:

    git majonez KURWA

  19. Lion3494 says:

    Hey man. Can I get the game?

  20. DisasteryMr says:

    The best rom for gaming is racht’s 2.3.4 hackdroid v.65

  21. joel2dimples says:

    Hey What version of update are you using ? android 2.1 or 2.2.1?

  22. xtnsion says:

    man how do you run all these games on your x8 I can’t run even half on my x10 :(

  23. zaidknm says:

    can you send me this game

  24. Mamamiahzz says:

    i wan

  25. kurupuk7 says:

    whats the version apk for this update?
    1-3 jumping problem on the ledge.. stuck..any ideas?

  26. amazingdinosaur730 says:

    I’m having the hardest time passing 5.17

  27. sivyXXI says:

    5.9 works well with new update -^^-

  28. hischackkkxo says:

    i cant pass the no ground one -.- its so hard!

  29. 19onairos85 says:

    5.9 is obviously a problem. It is the only level I have not been able to complete…

  30. barevids says:

    level 5.9 doesnt work! your wheely block just gets stuck on the joins in the track ! fix please ive completed every other level but this one!

  31. dadjohn02 says:

    Cant pass level 5.9 computer world

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