Backup And Restore Your SD Card With SanDisk Memory Zone – Android

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In this episode of the Android Application Weekly we demonstrate some apps that will entertain, allow you to back up your data, and share viral videos and news clips with friends. To download these directly to your Android smartphone or tablet just take a picture of the QR-Code using Google Goggles or any other QR-Code scanner or click on the app title link to be taken directly to the Android Market. This week we have Move The Box 0:16, ChannelCaster 0:46, Trulia 1:16, SanDisk Memory Zone 1:46, and Puffle Launch 2:16.

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46 Responses to Backup And Restore Your SD Card With SanDisk Memory Zone – Android

  1. Cinderella17 says:

    @DomenicSlapperX Yeah Me too !!!

  2. anuragslp1 says:

    Memory zone… Nice app..thanks for yhe vdo

  3. sergioosvaldo1 says:

    guys go and watch videos on my channel they’re some fun videos and some good music videos!

  4. cpc5000 says:

    You should go back to titleing these videos “Android Application Weekly”.

  5. 9719756 says:

    Commented so many times to put AAW in front, Pocketnow is not interested in comments. :(

  6. Gurksallad10 says:

    Just have the normal title like ”Android Application Weekly”,…..

  7. rbaman5 says:

    @akacowboyfan It’s called Channel Caster in the market.

  8. armandsarkani says:

    Where’s the week

  9. Zmir says:

    please put ‘Android Application Weekly 14 Oct 2011 ‘ at the FRONT of your title not at the back, its really misleading

  10. akacowboyfan says:

    couldn’t find channels :(

  11. LeeGee1983 says:

    Why are you ignoring people? Its obvious the way you put the title its a problem, No one really knows its the Android App Show. I thought it was a tutorial!!

  12. stilldreamyn says:

    ur battery was dead and u couldnt wait till it finished charging to record this? lol

  13. justabrake says:


  14. thedavid932 says:

    one top comment…my time to shine

  15. blekdregen says:


  16. DomenicSlapperX says:

    the title are misleading i thought this is a tutorial

  17. russiaclear says:


  18. filiplttt says:


  19. alcurtis93 says:

    You forgot to add that you can add online storage for the sandisk memory zone! That’s why its useful.

  20. prdenko says:

    @droidaman Good for you :/

  21. droidaman says:


  22. piprik says:

    darn,i have xperia x10 mini pro,my display is to small :(,or can i use keyboard ?

  23. XxXxLiQUiDxXxX says:

    @Opensourcegangster After I got all the files onto the phone (they are in the correct format) I go to look for the ROM and i press it and the screen goes black for a few seconds then goes back to the screen. Please help!

  24. XxXxLiQUiDxXxX says:

    @ankitmonga1 I have the same issue! I really want to play spyro! 

  25. RogingtonJunior3rd says:

    will this work on orange san fransisco?

  26. Gpunks15 says:

    @manisaucmikus i disagreed with that for so long… then i bought a droid razr. ANDROID>apple :) i love it

  27. subtector says:

    Is there any way of playing pc games in the phone for example world of warcraft?!

  28. bartlaan1996 says:

    @manisaucmikus You can actually play Playstation games on an iPhone too >.>

  29. darkelivrio says:

    no psp games?

  30. skullz841 says:

    @manisaucmikus oh…how’s your malware?

  31. jerzku11111 says:

    I bought Samsung Galaxy W i8150 phone and does anyone else have problems with emulators on it ? I mean all emulators when I choose .bin(game) screen goes black for seconds and then returns to main menu of emulator?

  32. 04kichi04 says:

    why is not working..? my cellphone is galaxy y.. please help!

  33. ankitmonga1 says:

    I converted the ECM file to IMG and put it in the folder… now its showing in the PSX4droid but when i click on it… It shows a black screen for a few seconds… and den return back to the same screen… pl help !!!

  34. ankitmonga1 says:

    Dude i need some help… I downloaded Mortal Kombat 4 from emuparadise… it was 292 MB and i have already put bios file.
    The MK from emuparadise came in Zip file… when i unziped it.. there were 3 files and none of dem were ISO or BIN…some CCD and ol. Now when i put em in my SGS2 and tried to open dem in both PSX4Droid and FPse its not detecting the rom. PLEASE HELP !!! :(

  35. muzdog1 says:

    r u a tard… u said it’s not ps3 graphics! NO SHIT. it’s a ps1 emulator.

  36. bouncebillo80 says:

    the game is not opening,,, :(

  37. dyland621 says:

    how would these games run on a galaxy ace

  38. Griies says:

    it crashes like all the time!! I can’t believe I just wasted 250 bucks on this stupid piece of shit. *white whine

  39. Opensourcegangster says:

    @Kyoshiro203 oh okay thanks

  40. Kyoshiro203 says:

    step 5*

  41. Kyoshiro203 says:

    typo at description? step 6

  42. jayzeeq says:

    @Opensourcegangster hey !!! nice video you have there! good job! hey i wanted to ask you some questions, i don’t know whats wrong with my Psx4droid, whenever i try to open the iso. or bin file, the screen goes black for couple of seconds and then its back to bin. or iso. files, nothing happens. Though Ive created different folders of bios file and another folder for games and Ive upload SCph1001.bin in bios.
    what should i do??…:S

  43. salx101 says:

    I just use emulator roms the app.

  44. Opensourcegangster says:

    @ShadowEffect1337 nope it shouldn’t

  45. ShadowEffect1337 says:

    Cool video… But can this cause any harm to the phone if done wrong?

  46. balvear says:

    @ThePmasta The display software device your using to render the game, eg. “Gpu”, or other extensions, is incompatible with the game. I had the same problem with Digimon World 2. Drove me nuts!!

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