Best Android Game, ExZeus

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ExZeus-Best Game For Android

ExZeus - Best Android Game - Nexus Vs Droid

This is ExZeus arcade game for android DROID – MILESTONE NEXUS 1 device, 100% Adrenaline, Wide screen, faster than ever, for all fan of 3D shooter game . Available in the Google’s Android market. Fast and furious 3D shoot’em-up style.. Up to 12 different enemies and 5 different bosses… Use of the accelerometer to control your Robot, Lock and Shoot missiles at will.
Android Game Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to Best Android Game, ExZeus

  1. Python4s says:

    space harrier : 2012

  2. MrDibism says:

    How much is this game?

  3. welcomezik says:

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  4. crazywave9 says:


  5. IsmaelChristian says:



  6. GenXchaos says:

    @enkei83 yes it does even the name is very close :P
    i miss that game

  7. enkei83 says:

    looks like exteel 4 pc

  8. cashfornothing says:

    Android users, G(.)(.)gle is watching you.

  9. Deconstructonator says:

    Nice graphics, crappy sound.

  10. GVilen says:

    Super Game…..old classic game from 3DO or Dreamcast

  11. bossbick says:

    would this work on htc hero?

  12. patelkedar says:

    You guys have no idea….
    Droid actually has a better GPU than the Nexus One, despite the N1 faster CPU.

    Luckily, the game was developed by the NDK provided by Google and is VERY optimized so it runs on snapdragon phones as well.

    The newer phones out after the Evo have better GPUs and can run new games. With Gingerbread, game developers will come to Android because of its lack of 3d games.
    Unfortunately, I’m on the Evo. Hopefully Gingerbread can let these games work on my Evo as well.

  13. TheSamir3310 says:

    please can any men show me haw can i get this game in my htc legend …..because i can not find this game in a market

  14. reegg96 says:

    toon warz, wave blazer ,reckless WORK ON SAMSUNG GALAXY 5. if anybody want download link pls pm me. this 3 game are great multitouch game and work on samsung 5.

  15. theodor70941 says:

    your laying before i upgrated my phone to 2.1 it had 1.6 and it did work!!!!!!!

  16. ATLMember says:

    @FSasuke Lol, both those statements are wrong. Not only does the iPhone have an almost identical processor to todays android phones, but it also has better graphics and this is due to the graphics processor, which is superior to the Nexus one’s. Also iPhone has hardware optimization for games that Android does not. It’s funny how Andoid users love to call iPhone users ignorant, yet your comment was highest rated.

  17. T1AOSUPERGUY says:

    …its alright i guess…im lying this looks epic!

  18. neoarcadezr says:

    those robots look like XENOGEARS lol

  19. vectraB97 says:

    @jaibeniwal I bought desire hd.. it beat galaxy s in all benchmark I have used.. I don’t like ambled or super amoled.. I like slcd better.. more nature colors calibrations ,more efficient on white screens, better resolution.. slcd have almost the viewing angle on ambled and way better black level than normal lcd on phones.

  20. jaibeniwal says:

    @vectraB97 If you wanna go for screen, you MUST go for Samsung Galaxy S.. Processor thrice faster than HTC Desire.

  21. Cheryl2010ist says:

    add me in gang wars!!!

  22. graywackeknifebdr says:

    Free energy has been here for a while ,But the coverup is very strong,Find a motor that needs no fuel or input at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,Start the revolution!

  23. danielzsito says:

    how t install?

  24. theodor70941 says:

    it don’t download 57 it download 58MB to the SD card

  25. androidnext says:

    Please also check out our review and channel. It’s pretty much in German.

  26. deni2stwn says:


  27. Mrvideosandgames says:

    You’re terrible at this game.

  28. TheDubstepMuffin says:

    you really suck at this game man

  29. sphinxsway says:

    u suck man XD

  30. twiggin01 says:

    you suck at this game! my lil cuz is 7 and can play better!

  31. twiggin01 says:

    you dont have to slide your finger just touch it dumb ass

  32. kchelou1 says:

    U suk dude ! Im at 48600 score

  33. stevenwesterink says:

    @beefmania22 i thought the same.. what a nub

  34. zgjprecious says:

    DUDU your so bad at this i have got to realm 10 you know i didnt do it by using your “swipe” technique !!!

  35. AnnMariexx100 says:

    You dont need to swipe your finger across the screen because that will make things worse

  36. Ahmet14555 says:

    @beefmania22 Sometimes it actually work if you swipe with you’re finger

  37. BuddiesNPals says:

    @illuvitarv5 You just fly above the clouds. It is what it says. Just get a lot of momentum/speed and if there is speed vials on a steep hill go for them and you might get it.

  38. 95uptheirons says:

    can i download this on pc?

  39. MrOOoohyeh says:

    @hischackkkxo they are making you fly faster and longer

  40. bubbaful says:

    Stuck on the Bronze Dragon !!! Going to take a while to complete this game.

  41. bubbaful says:

    @illuvitarv5 When doing the swooshes just try and keep going also if you hold the dragon down when you are about to enter the hill part then let go it will give you a bigger boost and if you keep doing that it will build up more stamina and make it easier to get above the clouds took me three days to get that achievement!

  42. bubbaful says:

    @Aylakai02 You are only allowed to get 1 speed vial for which ever realm you want to choose if you collect more then you will fail if you dont get 1 you will fail. i am now stuck on the Bronze dragon.

  43. bubbaful says:

    @hischackkkxo Speed Vials are the blue bottle like items that give you a boost.

  44. MaGGoZZZ says:

    “the controls are not so hard” ooh the irony ;D

  45. TanioTiToshy says:

    hey can someone tell me how to fly above clouds pls??

  46. klakken94 says:

    hahaha you suck on that

  47. erger95 says:

    @androiduser2008 & @hischackkkxo a speed vial is a blue vial you can collect in the game, it makes you go faster.

  48. Porchelover3000 says:

    @WhAtAgUy64 lmao its hella hard i recently have gotten to level 13 with hella swag

  49. WhAtAgUy64 says:

    @Porchelover3000 lol ive been to realm 10 its pretty hardcore lol

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