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this is a video to show u how to download free games and apps since applanet is down for the moment. No computer needed all done on phone.

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25 Responses to Download Paid Games On Android For Free

  1. bumtaksi says:

    @anthonyevolution go fuck yourself…it doesn’t work..just waste of time!

  2. mrjamesblondi says:

    snappzmarket is now fully updated

  3. 1RetardedAdventures1 says:

    happy nappers!

  4. iliasatb says:

    thanx dude!!

  5. bzmotoninja83 says:

    a skinny Andy Miloknockis?

  6. Smil342 says:

    4share is blocked! HELP PLZ!

  7. manuelnv55 says:


  8. welcomezik says:

    Download Free Paid Apps & Games for Free

    welcomezik . com
    welcomezik . com
    welcomezik . com
    welcomezik . com
    welcomezik . com
    welcomezik . com

  9. Geardog99 says:

    It suckz

  10. metallicronan says:

    Wtf happy nappers song in the background Xd

  11. 8182842993 says:

    slow :x

  12. MrTerrieemr says:

    ***UPDATE*** Newest, latest Apps, Games and resources here at: beegapple․com

  13. zeekyboi123 says:

    its too slow on the loading time tho

  14. AHMADNADEEM77 says:

    at point 2:36 i saw a cock hahaha

  15. tfresh78 says:


  16. xashx321 says:

    Why is it running damn fucking slow

  17. prettygeniusAG says:

    just download black mart app

  18. CallOfGamingHD1 says:

    is it meant to run quite slow at first ??

  19. Cvigil39 says:

    Doesn’t work for shit

  20. mephistophales1990 says:

    @miladsafi12 when instaling games through astro,,,,games automaticaly installed in phone memory!!but i download data,,it downloaded to memory card…is that normal…..i want to install the whole game on memory card..????helppp :D i have xperia neo

  21. anthonyevolution says:

    @WhereTheCheezeAt hahahaha i know my brother was watching nick nd the commercial came out but did it help?

  22. WhereTheCheezeAt says:

    I heard happy nappers in the background

  23. anthonyevolution says:

    @TheDaisyDoll thx lol :D

  24. TheDaisyDoll says:

    Ur hella smart dood lol i give u props :)

  25. shikhaverma321654 says:

    Wow, amazing. Thanks for the tip. I’m going to try it tonight.

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