Dune 2 Running On Android (HTC Desire) – ADosBox

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This is a demonstration video giving you a little taster of the aDosBox project, androiddosbox.appspot.com In this video we startup and run Dune 2 on an Android phone, a HTC Desire to be exact.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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10 Responses to Dune 2 Running On Android (HTC Desire) – ADosBox

  1. volvoxmusix says:

    harkonnen ftw!

  2. rickybogus says:

    @samyoulonline Yeah, i bust my balls trying to get it working on the PSP. Arena was just about do-able.

  3. xXKiTheifXx says:

    @samyoulonline I was able to get both of them to run on my htc Inspire, but Ive never messed with dos in my life so Im not sure what the proper settings would be, Arena ran at 5-20 fps in menus, and around 5 fps in game.

  4. samyoulonline says:

    @xXKiTheifXx I’ve got them on my list of things to make videos of, so expect them some time soon. The problem with daggerfall is that it is a massive resource hog for a light weight processor, so there’s lots of tweaking needing to be done. But I’ll get there.

  5. xXKiTheifXx says:

    You should make video’s of you playing Elder Scrolls 1 or 2, since I can get Arena to work easily, Ide love a Daggerfall video :P

  6. immaculate15 says:

    Wicked! Hoping to see a full running version minus the cursor for some killer touch based action.

  7. samyoulonline says:

    @DawidHudziak Hey thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out. I’m having problems getting some other games running so I’ll check it out and see if it’ll do the business.

  8. DawidHudziak says:

    did you tried andosbox? its not free but from what I heard it’s superior

  9. samyoulonline says:

    @iop12356 Yes and No. I have configured DosBox for the Android myself but it was UGLY. What I’m using in this video is the latest version (as of 2011.05.07) of an open source project, details are in the description.

  10. iop12356 says:

    Wow, that’s pretty cool. Did you put DoS Box on yourself?

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