Gangstar: Miami Vindication HD – Android – trailer by Gameloft

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Gangstar: Miami Vindication HD is now available on your Android smartphone. Get ready to blow out Miami! Official site: Find Android games Friend us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Visit our blog:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Gangstar: Miami Vindication HD – Android – trailer by Gameloft

  1. TheKinG0FGameZ says:

    cant wait to play it on my nokia n8 .plz make it for nokia n8

  2. MrIltw says:

    Xperia play optimized?

  3. 1010101Jackass says:

    Does this work on Samsung Replenish?

  4. eddyjay says:

    @gameloftandroid Thanks so much!! what about the name of the song? please, its so important to me if its not in the game because it fits so well while I drive throught those streets :) and if not I could get it and use it (i think i can use custom songs for the game, isnt it?)

  5. gameloftandroid says:

    @eddyjay The game is available on our online store, at :)

  6. eddyjay says:

    @gameloftandroid Please, whats the name of the song from this video? Cool game!! Is it in the market already?

  7. eddyjay says:

    Please whats the name of this song? It seems nobody knows it

  8. Nabilel17 says:

    Is the incredible s supported?

  9. adsybro says:

    @adsybro Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh thnx :)

  10. ramos2101 says:

    is this available in android 2.1? Huawei Ascend

  11. Himu1234567 says:

    @adsybro hey buddy.
    the 4-5 mb is just the launcher.
    install this launcher from market and then u ll hv to download rest 440-500 mb thru ur wifi!

  12. Himu1234567 says:

    @Want2burn it worked on y GS2

  13. gameloft says:

    @SaesBullet Hello,
    Unfortunately, the device is not yet supported for this game.
    Enjoy your day!

  14. ATLMember says:

    @Clinkxster You certainly couldn’t play without multitouch, plus if your phone doesn’t even have multitouch then the GPU will be two crappy to handle this game.

  15. gameloftandroid says:

    @Clinkxster You can see if the game is compatible with your device using the widget on our online store, at :)

  16. Clinkxster says:

    Can I play this on a 240×340 resolution android phone which is also a non multi touch screen? I’ve been wanting to buy my first android phone but since I’m still a student, my money is limited so I can’t buy those that are bigger in resolution and multi touch capable phones. My potential phone is mostly made by Alcatel. It might be their “OT 980 or OT 906 or LG’s “Optimus Me”. Also, could I play other HD games made by you guys for these phones?

  17. SaesBullet says:

    Will it work on the rena3 tablet pc android 2.2 if yes, i buy the game

  18. Multiburatino says:

    want to know somethig?works a bit bit bit laggy on my 2.2 froyo galaxy 5 but with modified .apk file:D

  19. morfixnh says:

    what is the name of the sound? please pm me

  20. MsFawk says:

    @finalluis dude, have a look on the retina display and u will know who got better graphics in all kinda games >.<

  21. gameloftandroid says:

    @stopmotionstudios25 Hello,
    Unfortunately , for the moment the game is not available for this phone.
    All the best!

  22. stopmotionstudios25 says:

    Will this work on the HTC evo 4g

  23. tejmuk says:

    @gameloftandroid Will this game function on my xperia PLAY?

  24. JosephDA2 says:

    duuude. what song is this?

  25. adsybro says:

    Hello i want to ask a question and i would really like a response and ill ask gameloft people because they will know: Y are all android game so small a file e.g gangstar miami vindiction from gameloft is 440+mb for ios while on android its like 4-5 mb
    its just weird please tell me

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