How To Install App/Games/Themes on Android Phones!

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This video is to show you on how to install games/apps/themes on your phone that are not from the market place. Enjoy!
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24 Responses to How To Install App/Games/Themes on Android Phones!

  1. DontHateOnMyCommentZ says:


  2. amigosi96 says:

    THANK YOU it works it really does!!! becouse when i first downloaded the game i dident know i had to have that app “ASTRO File Manager” but u showed me that i need it so i can install my games THANK YOU:P finely i can play my favorite game on my phone “N.O.V.A”:) Thx..

  3. ZplusP says:

    I can’t hear you with my volume all the way up you stupid fucking geek

  4. youknowit6482 says:

    Whats the Outro Song?

  5. Rammstein874 says:

    @matganja1000 Check it out in the market it will tell you if it will work for your phone.

  6. matganja1000 says:

    @Rammstein874 is this theme working for sony ericsson xperia x8??

  7. MegaMaaaz says:

    Plz speak louder

  8. Llemujin says:

    What an intro song, not suitable for this.. lol just joking..

  9. youshalneverno says:

    Thanks for the video without a 9 year old kid screaming.

  10. kronic760 says:

    Where did u get the wallpaper that is on ur computer?

  11. Naaynaay15 says:

    @gerarddwizard really now? lol

  12. gerarddwizard says:

    dat background is shit i show you a awesome background lol

  13. PJMAN2952 says:

    so much easier to hack on iPods and iPhones.

  14. 418shawong says:

    where do you download your apps?

  15. nofeareus says:

    Geeeeeez man! This video could have literally been 30 seconds long. Thx for the info but shit man do some editing

  16. kae9797 says:

    That had to be the worst video I had ever seen. well there goes 9 min of my life that I will never get back. Thanks a lot for wasting my time. And the audio was as almost as bad as the lack of info from your video.

  17. MegaOmega17 says:

    thank you very much to showing how to install

  18. m2020eg says:

    nice one if i can ask what is the name of the song

  19. girlsman187 says:

    @DragonmasterCale ub40 i think

  20. Naaynaay15 says:

    @Rammstein874 cool. im going to look that one up! thank you!

  21. Rammstein874 says:

    @Naaynaay15 Thanks! its Free in the market. 3D Matrix Live Wallpeper By: Yu Xin

  22. Naaynaay15 says:

    the background on your phone is most awesome! XD

  23. DragonmasterCale says:

    What song is that?!

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