HTC Desire 3D Android Gaming (8 top games)

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Eight top android 3d games on the HTC Desire: Iron Sight Raging Thunder 2 ExZeus Arcade Winds of Steel Asphalt 5 Armageddon Squaddron My Paper Plane SpeedX 3D

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26 Responses to HTC Desire 3D Android Gaming (8 top games)

  1. legendario987 says:

    @tech0StickyAsGlue Actually on htc desire hd it laggs but on the normal htc desire no :)

  2. LostNowhereBoy says:

    Retarded song, even worse than bieber or Rebecca black

  3. Gothexc says:

    go listen to bieber if you dont like song.

  4. TheDutchspecs says:

    desire hd is much better

  5. DenienN says:

    Sound OFF

  6. Maxito4321 says:

    Queer song

  7. chazjamie30 says:

    Stupid fucking song

  8. BillyStevenson1 says:

    gay song

  9. BeoWolf567 says:

    @tech0StickyAsGlue I have desire too and it’s really bad it lags and shrinks down your battery

  10. hammoudi97 says:

    @nightshotbr yes of course why are you asking ?

  11. NightshotBR says:

    @hammoudi97 do you really like evanescence?

  12. neonskuller says:

    Dude please change the song

  13. hammoudi97 says:

    @oOdannyOot thank you very much now i can hear it all the day

  14. o0Danny0oT says:

    @hammoudi97 evanescence – wake me up inside

  15. hammoudi97 says:

    cool music what is the name of it answer me pleez

  16. Sahuu7 says:

    Great music : D

  17. MegaDerryman says:

    @lonne16 great tune

  18. blazzy95 says:

    idk why everybody chooses this song for their videos, its so common

  19. Lawtsy15 says:

    Check out my channel for some Android Content

  20. Lawtsy15 says:

    Check out my channel for some Android Content

  21. pattyberty says:

    @tech0StickyAsGlue the demo of 5 didnt lag on my desire hd

  22. lyon4589 says:

    Think you should add turbo fly 3d that game is amazing

  23. meteorain08 says:

    Love that song :)

  24. chrismorgan200 says:

    Shame about the music

  25. 23nikki1 says:

    @BiggestTwoNoobs just the video..

  26. TufRiverboards says:

    I cant find the rom gripper that you have…

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