Let’s Golf game Download for Android

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Let’s Golf game Download for Android

Let’s Golf game Download for Android

Discover a fun atmosphere making golf accessible to anyone with 63 holes in 4 environments in 3D.. mobilerumor.blogspot.com

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26 Responses to Let’s Golf game Download for Android

  1. M3XX3 says:

    does this link actually work

  2. superearthbender says:

    No scanline problems?

  3. superearthbender says:

    The size of your tv isn’t a factor in your setup. :/

  4. GOPACKERSJT says:

    I love your work around for the lack of an hdmi out! Seems like something I’d do! nice vid man, I just ordered a wiimote and nunchuck for like $18 off of amazon lol. Plus I got a mini hdmi cable with it, so now my phone will be an awsome emulator box! I just got the photon 4g, and it can run psx and n64 games REALLY smoothly!

  5. vikyorugua says:

    can you play any games or just emulators?can you upload videos with games like Need for Speed or Gangstar or Pro Evolution Soccer??Thanks

  6. lolindirlink says:

    & in case you have no eyes:
    turn up the volume and: 0:50 <— there!, LISTEN to the name of the game…

  7. lolindirlink says:

    why are poeple asking for the name of the game?!?!

    1:00 <— NAME OF THE GAME!!!…-_-

  8. n0rthwheat0n says:

    Whats the name of the game??

  9. Mikeme43 says:

    hi dis mike my evo got ? error no-1.on the wii mote controller app can you fix my problem ???

  10. bebocool1012705 says:

    What about multiplayer

  11. WickedStepGranny says:

    Before I purchase the Real HDMI App and a micro HDMI cable, I’m trying to find out if Angry Birds can be played on the phone and seen on the TV? Angry Birds is a free game, would you try it out and pass along the results? Thanks.

  12. ThursdayHeights says:

    hey dude! perfect setup. didnt realize the nunchuck works with that app too! i use my wiimote as my SNES/NES/GBA controller for the emulators and it’s great! you can input controls in the settings so it makes it way better experience if you have a touchscreen only phone like my X.

  13. TheClarissamc says:

    I bought a 10 ft micro hdmi on amazon for less than $10

  14. TheClarissamc says:

    will it work with micro hdmi out to tv? Wouldnt this bipass the video camera?

  15. corradoG60PWR says:

    nice…only it didnt work on my htc desire:/ thumbs uppppp

  16. kitsurubami says:

    very nicely done! i like it thumbs up.

  17. thedoorsman911 says:

    what is the name of the app that you are using that is compatable with the wii control app cause i tried it with gameboid and it didnt work btw i was playing pokemon

  18. tudycasillas says:

    why the hell dont u buy a micrco hdmi from amazon for 20 bux

  19. availguy says:

    That is Awesome! :) nice video

  20. grandtheftaaron says:

    How do you do this

  21. willewilk says:

    @CodyChronos Or you could just download real HDMI from the market

  22. mattehISme says:

    hehe thats pretty awesome

  23. MegaWaxz says:

    @ThreeBoysWild dude how you able to play droid x on your tv? Can you help me out how to do that. thanks for the help

  24. ThreeBoysWild says:

    @MegaWaxz Deadly Chambers

  25. MegaWaxz says:

    what game are you playing?

  26. CodyChronos says:

    @JustYourShadow What im saying is you cant just hook up hdmi and have it show the homescreen for example. The phone only sends out signal through the HDMI cable when displaying pictures or videos. Thats the only reason this guy is not using HDMI, it would be alot easier

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