Motorola XOOM Games Review

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Motorola XOOM Games Review,/h3>

Motorola XOOM Gaming Review

A walk-through of a few Android games on the Motorola XOOM. Check out the power of the Tegra 2! Full review at the site.
Motorola XOOM Games Review Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Motorola XOOM Games Review

  1. lasarousi says:

    this is nvidia, right? i would like to see ATI doing a war on this, so we will get more powerful stuff quicker.

  2. zikalify says:

    Ordered one, arrives in 3-5 days :D

  3. MrConor15 says:

    getting one for my birthday !!!

  4. Scudreloaded says:

    i’m saving up for one of these and working on m turk a lil bit to earn some extra cash to purchase this. between this and the ps vita this year will be expensive i suppose

  5. JesusChristusDominus says:

    @Gwenlaen Cuz there’s things more importants than material stuffs, which destiny is to become dust… If somebody considers a sintetic object more important than his/her life, so go on… A ‘ithing’ will never gonna save any of us

  6. Gwenlaen says:

    @JesusChristusDominus You do realize, Jesus preached tolerance, love, and nonviolence, right? There’s more than a few quotes about not hating one’s enemies, not doing violence to anyone, including one’s enemies, and equality of all men and women? “Getting rid of” evil is impossible without killing it all off…at which point you’ve cast off Christ’s teachings are have become something he’d shun. And why the fark are you bringing religion to a tech review anyways?

  7. JesusChristusDominus says:

    @belekas71 ;)

  8. belekas71 says:

    @JesusChristusDominus Yes…Hopefully God will soon clean this world from every evil it have

  9. belekas71 says:

    Which is better for gaming?
    asus transformer

  10. JesusChristusDominus says:

    @PainisCupcakeee Never! he is just a loser, thief, murderer, he is gonna burn in hell, forever!
    Take care of his lies

  11. JesusChristusDominus says:

    @Geusswho2513 It means we need to get ride of every evil work, thought, speaken word, etc. We need to be holy, serving the Living God with our lifes, trough Jesus Christ, this world is lacking of peace, joy, truth… Be fine!

  12. milchprodukt says:

    ur hands r on speeeeed dude

  13. mariokid2115 says:

    @DEVILSNAKELDS You wanna hear a joke Xoom. Get yourself a real Android tablet :)

  14. UnowhatitiSxDbmx says:

    Here’s a little tip, don’t compare the device your reviewing to anything!!! unless you work for commision theres no need to!

  15. iJacob26 says:

    Motorola Xoom or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (both 4G LTE)

  16. joansy1995 says:

    Your not very good, aha!

  17. FluffyBearTeddy says:

    @DEVILSNAKELDS at the moment in the uk they are only £330 so u save 170 pounds!

  18. jmr8708 says:

    ? what about video. can i take movies off the laptop and play them on the xoom?

  19. tonyuk73 says:

    nice vid man.just about to buy a tablet its this or the thrive what you think?? i think the xoom.but not sure

  20. kahunaru says:

    god i want this it looks way more smooth than ipad 2 ……

  21. SherlocksFlag says:

    @JesusChristusDominus GTFO?!

  22. Szopjalle6szor says:

    @RCASALE2 nice .. i use this tactic. :DDD

  23. RCASALE2 says:

    @Szopjalle6szor its great to use when playing a friend i put all my fingers on the screen (when im in the lead) and my friends swipes dont register haha

  24. kurdoskurd1992 says:

    ipad ftw

  25. Szopjalle6szor says:


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