Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY emulator gaming

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PhoneArena presents a video, showing how you can play all those fun classic games that you played in your childhood, but on the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY Android phone! Check it out, it’s really cool!

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24 Responses to Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY emulator gaming

  1. SuperNoob230 says:

    wats an emulator

  2. xxalexx1100 says:

    Are the emulators free? And the games on them? Are they free too?

  3. TheHyperMater says:

    did he..just say..nintendo, POKEMON!! (i hope)

  4. sonic4sale says:

    I’ve never heard of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs… but it looks nothing like the title lol. I am looking at getting an Xperia Play. I hate the iPhones touch games. Half of them don’t even read things properly. Physical controls are awesome but using emulators on it too? Fuck… I WANT this phone!

  5. NoMiLinQua says:

    @DnlStnYtbr You wrote fall in lof, which is obviously due to distraction on your end, because you meant to say he said: Fall in Laugh

  6. DnlStnYtbr says:

    @NoMiLinQua I didn’t know what I meant, LOL. lof? I don’t even remember writing that.

  7. NoMiLinQua says:

    @DnlStnYtbr You mean Fall in laugh.

  8. TotallyFunnyCrap says:

    How much is the emulator APP

  9. ahmedp800 says:

    Your good at this game ;)

  10. smashgigant says:

    so i can download the emulators for free and the games too?

  11. lotsofgames100 says:

    Dear Santa…..

  12. blakscull says:

    @123nitro I heard is pretty good, for a cellphone that is supposed to play games at least

  13. nickbaldeagle01 says:

    Metal Slug is awesome on this baby. SFA3 and Marvel VS Capcom also. And Puzzle Bobble.

  14. Madfoot713 says:

    I love the future

  15. A4x17x says:

    @B69ne anytime homz

  16. mb6400 says:

    Is it possible to play all the PSX games with the emulators?

  17. B69ne says:

    @A4x17x Awesome, and thank you!!

  18. A4x17x says:

    @B69ne gameboid, tiger arcade (used in video), tiger gba, ps android, etc….

  19. danieldvs100 says:

    where is pokemon and final fantasy?!

  20. rambo19991 says:

    that is the only reason i would by this thing ! The Emulators !!

  21. 123nitro says:

    this is awesome but how is the battery life?

    I remember it being really bad playing emulators on PSP because of the battery

  22. B69ne says:

    Can you suggest the best app emulators?

  23. SaturdayVoodoo says:

    @newjeddah FPse is the best playstation emulator available on android phones from what I’ve heard

  24. trafffka86 says:

    @justinlalande yeah,yeah…Xperia Play rule! :)

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