STAR BATTLLION HD android 320×480 resolution lg p500,gt540,galaxy ace

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download now : Download the game here……… JUST FINISED IT YESTERDAY!! AWESOME GAME.. RESIZED mobile version of the game here..Runs VERY SMOOTH in our devices like lg p500, gt 540, x8, galaxy ace , htc wildfire … and any devices with 320×480 resolution or more…

June 3rd. Exclusively on Xperia PLAY. The iconic Rainbow Unit lands for the first time on your Android device. Engage in all the high-intensity missions of the original Rainbow Six game with updated and enhanced content. Lead the Rainbow team, complete with 3 new members, to stop a global terrorist threat through 11 missions across the globe. Each level utilizes a highly dynamic real-time tactical system to test your wits and skil Official site: Find Android games Friend us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Visit our blog:
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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25 Responses to STAR BATTLLION HD android 320×480 resolution lg p500,gt540,galaxy ace

  1. GraveUypo says:

    @T3xt11 why?
    it looks decent, as far as first person shooters go on mobile devices…

  2. rtfilipinohomie says:

    Wouldn’t it nice that all Call of Duty games r in android phones?

  3. pvgomer says:

    @KirazVD get a prepaid visa card at walgreens.

  4. armarares says:

    Gameloft ,wouldn’t it be nice for you to talk to Valve and bring PORTAL to Android and iPhone?

  5. T3xt11 says:

    god his game is so bad on iDevice’s

  6. xX2sik says:

    What program do you use, or device to record the Xperia Play ingame screen? for my ps3 i use an HDPVR.


  7. Yareg1982 says:

    Hello, when i can play in Backstab & Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard on my Galaxy S (Power VR device)?

  8. tobi3000 says:

    Hey Gameloft is there any reason the framrate on this game seems horrible compared to a game such as modern combat black pegasus. I bought both games on my Xperia Play and modern combat seems to run much smoother especially online. Is there a update or anything that will address this issue? thanks

  9. MrNesrual says:

    I have a question that might have been asked many times, why don’t you guys use the android market instead? It’s so much easier to keep track with your games, and will probably make you get more profit. Thank you for your time.

  10. MisterInconnito says:

    I’m playin’ with htc Hd2 using Android 2.3.4 ! So you guys should be able to play without havin’ a XPeria Play

  11. prominpromin says:

    gameloft why there aren’t your shooters for galaxy s2 and when will you make games for this device? thanks

  12. gameloftandroid says:

    @apenz147 Hello,
    Feel free to send an email to and give them as many details as you can.
    Thank you!

  13. MrUltumman says:

    it’s look realy good but when i download for a data file around 300 mb, why it take a long long time… one night is not enough? What wrong with your server last night? (Thailand)

  14. KirazVD says:

    why i cant pay with my phone credits? whyy? ): i dont have a credit card ))):

  15. apenz147 says:

    help me……
    i had some problem with my phone(samsung galaxy mini)…..

  16. Hallowdoll says:

    0:50 Akindele is a Nigerian name. (Yoruba)

  17. mrcool1997cool says:

    iPhone Version is besser…

  18. gameloft says:

    @StanZr Hi,
    You should send an email to the Support team at, and write them as detailed as you can about this problem.

  19. gameloft says:

    @alexander871015 Hello,

    Please contact Customer Care at, and they will giude you and give you all the answers you need.

    Good luck!:)

  20. StanZr says:

    @alexander871015 Same here man, I’ve told GL about this two days ago as well, but it still doesnt work. Probably has got something to do with the game not supporting android 2.3.3.

  21. gameloft says:

    @alexander871015 Hello,
    We’ve informed our Customer Care team about your problem. You can also send an email to the Support team at, and write them as detailed as you can about this problem.
    Have a great day!:)

  22. alexander871015 says:

    When I open it it keep saying not responding and force me to close the app I tried to reinstall and it doesn’t work does anyone know how to fix it?

  23. trdracer21 says:


  24. NgLC100 says:

    It now looks more like a psp and nds hybrid game

  25. darkside267r says:

    When it comes to other android devices?

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