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So thanks to tapulous, Tap Tap revenge finally made it’s way to the Android platform… Its a rhythm game where you tap to the beat of your favorite songs, or play against friends online… It’s an Awesome game. You can download additional songs to customize your experience. This game did exceptionally well in the Apple Market, hopefully it will so the same in the Android Market. market.android.com
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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8 Responses to Tap Tap Revenge Android

  1. tonigurl1998 says:

    @HappyCamper9100 theres no inbox on the android … its like chatting … BUT LOL THIS WAS LIKE A MONTH AGO so i guessing im very LATE XD

  2. christadv says:

    @lamborghini312 for most track-packs you need 100 for 2 songs. They don’t normally sell one song by itself.

  3. lamborghini312 says:

    so you need 100 credits to download a song?

  4. HappyCamper9100 says:

    i cant find my inbox!! where is it?

  5. christadv says:

    @TheByfrost it can be downloaded from the android app market or click the link I just posted in the description, it will lead you the the web version of the app store and you can send the app to your phone from there.

  6. TheByfrost says:

    where can we download?

  7. Haydenquinnmcmahon says:

    @Shendoz VIA-HOT SERVER-505456

  8. Shendoz says:

    i wonder how to get the premium songs for free in android~

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