Best Action Adventure For iPhone & iPod Touch Of 2009

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Hey Guys, in this Video i will tell you something about what i think is the Best Action Adventure Game for the iPhone and iPod Touch of 2009! Check it out! Leave me a Comment Telling me what the best Action Adventure Game for the iPhone and iPod Touch of 2009 is in your opinion! Please: Rate, Comment, Subscribe! Watch The Other Best Of 2009′s: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Best Action Adventure For iPhone & iPod Touch Of 2009

  1. amurphy9191 says:

    wow.. try keeping it short.

  2. OtakuTechHead says:

    That was uncalled for sir :P lol

  3. BigTalkingTom17 says:

    @OtakuTechHead you suck (;

  4. OtakuTechHead says:

    The avatar game sucks sooo much

  5. wasserbrunner says:

    Just got my first app into the App Store! It’s a game called Swift Hit !

  6. turek9393 says:

    @DatnGX Go watch Pocahontas, its the same thing.

  7. r3gie831 says:

    its hard to play that game on an ipod touch/iphone …sometimes your fingers get in the way and its hard to see…but i guess its better than nothing

  8. mcainislame says:

    @DatnGX trust me you dont

  9. xdevynxisxherex says:

    @mawizel11 and hero of sparta :)

  10. DatnGX says:

    i wana watch avatar so bad

  11. mawizel11 says:

    avatar, nova brothers in arms 2, sand storm, prince of persia are the bes t action games on the app store atm..

  12. spyang302 says:

    yea i remember this game, yea, but i forgot it :P, i got 9 pages of game similar to this

  13. Lkjhbr33 says:

    nova all the way

  14. PlaymobilProduction says:

    this is amazing thats a great game thanks!!!

  15. blondielovestwilight says:

    sweet game loved the video

  16. penguinruler2009 says:

    Iphone3GSgiveaway- Hahah IIIIII sound well Desperate but all my freinds have one and i look like a right idiot with a cheap old lg cookie Plz Give it Me :)

  17. BNkool18 says:

    this is an awesome game

  18. bgl1231 says:


  19. WillMyLoveGrowIDK says:

    nicce dude

  20. fightclubXXXA says:

    AVATAR Yeah man ooooooooooooooooo!

  21. laureshooter says:

    I agree, because i played it on ipod touch

  22. Zachpieyum says:

    no its just i like the night time better than morning so i sit up till like 4 a.m. doing random things:P wake up 12 p.m. and do it again.

  23. amaanaman says:

    oh, saw a review for the same but the opposite aspects. KEep on it kev

  24. santolman says:

    you really are online 24/7 are you?

  25. parrott1996 says:

    nice game .
    advice , its kinda obvious that your not the best speaker as you repeat and are monotone , you might consider saying wat u got to say then put music on and just play some more for around a minute and a half .

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