Driver™ iPhone iPod touch

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Driver™ iPhone iPod touch

iPhone iPod touch Driver

Driver™ iPhone iPod touch Rating: 4 / 5

Driver for the iPhone is indeed based on the original PlayStation game. Driver spans forty missions. Gameloft thinks that today’s gamer, familiar with open-world drivers like this, will be able to get through the entire story in about seven or eight hours.

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25 Responses to Driver™ iPhone iPod touch

  1. ThePcGameTrailers says:

    omfg i remember the cars especialy da police car from driver 1 or 2 :DD gotta get dis

  2. supameganova says:

    i loved this game back in the days my favourite but now that i dont hve a ps1 or the game my last choice of hope is my ipod 4th gen version 4.3.5 but it wont sync to it so im unhappy

  3. turbochargedfilms says:

    Is it availible on Android phones?

  4. thatguy30000 says:

    The reason the graphics don’t look great is 1.) it is originally an old game and 2.) The screen is really big on the trailer so it would look better on a smaller ipod touch.

  5. bloodm0nster2 says:

    is this game was in ps1? cuz i remember it

  6. themariogamer123 says:

    omgi remeber that cool awsome game when i had a ps1 that was the best but now i dont have a ps1 but i have a ipod touch soo the game is back baby :D

  7. szabi113 says:

    Make this game for android too, please!!!

  8. mko905 says:

    driver2 my fav driver

  9. Miqopet says:

    DONT READ THIS CAUSE IT ACTUALLY WORKS……u will get kissed by the love of ur life on the next possible friday.tommorow will b the best day of ur life.however if u dont post this comment to at least 3 videos u will die within 2 u have started reading this so u cant stop.this is so scary.put this on at least 5 videos in 143 minutes and when ur donr press f6 and ur lovers name will appear on the screen in big letters,this is so scary it actually works.

  10. 751Will says:

    Cause this game is more detailed?

  11. Zloyborsh says:

    @rweichler. No

  12. GangstarrMario says:

    Why does this game takes 500 MB space on the iphone while another game company could have made the same game but the size would be 50 MB

  13. RealDjMicD says:

    i love gameloft they got some crazy games n this is sick reminds me playing this game on PS1 ahahahah and everything its original as the actual game.. THUMBS UP

  14. Jeremiah1182218 says:

    Driver:Renegade for 3DS looks way… better.

  15. SebbaFresh says:

    How do u unlock the cheats?

  16. sullivansully08 says:

    hahahahhaha lol looks like original graphics

  17. tacciXkiller says:

    @gameloft how do you record the game? pls tell…

  18. RetroBleck says:

    Looks like you got everything right with the port, however I did notice that all the vehicles that were driven all sound the same… Didn’t some of them sound like muscle cars on the ps1?

  19. Blueberry954 says:

    this is a sick game, i highly reccomend that you get it

  20. Blueberry954 says:

    this is a sick game, i highly reccomend that u buy it now

  21. thewindowsxp32 says:

    i downloaded the free one at the app store thank you gameloft!

  22. klipton4 says:

    @1112niko1112 yes free here beegapple(dot)com

  23. klipton4 says:

    yes free here beegapple . com

  24. klipton4 says:

    free beegapple . com

  25. obuiohfhdf says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm esto contamina hay que hacerle un driver

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