Driving a yellow submarine on Gangstar for the ipod touch

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gangstar is the gta of itouch games… and i drove a taxi into the water and i was like XD yellow submarine!!! and made this

a top five review on girls games!

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24 Responses to Driving a yellow submarine on Gangstar for the ipod touch

  1. koszhar says:

    FUCK YEAHHH Jelly Cars^^

  2. jaz1908 says:

    just to let u no another app that is really good is TINY WINGS and PENGAIRBORNE just to help you they are free and no cpital letters luv ya c ya buy have fun

  3. acwilkin18 says:

    i luv this vid very helpful!!!!!!!!:):):):)

  4. DominicRiv says:

    I like her accent too. Trying in my head to figure out where she is from. Can’t figure it out.

  5. clee523 says:

    where are you from? i like your accent =O

  6. docmorgan19822 says:

    if you guys want a good iPhone porn app, then open Safari on your iPhone and type “iSpank.mobi” and thank me in the morning…best app for free porn on the iPhone by far…

  7. VanQuishEx says:

    0:43 Women driver tsk3

  8. unicornkp says:

    Hm good video I was shocked on some because I have played there but there not to my liking very much.

  9. GirlyIpodTouch says:

    @TeresaVid I’ts because this video is very old and i’m planning on making a part 2 soon :)

  10. TeresaVid says:

    Thanks for the recommendations. Though, I’m surprised you didn’t mention the “Sally’s” games or the Sims games. My absolute favorite girly game is Sally’s Spa.

  11. jedungiek says:

    i love her accent

  12. americangirl12561 says:

    i recommend icutter for people who are reading the comments.

  13. LillsSayegd says:

    Christian dating agency gettop5.info

  14. rainbowunicorn7 says:

    Very good choices…

  15. candygiirl26 says:

    this was awesome!!! thx for the reccomendations!

  16. Livelaughlove714 says:

    Thx so much!

  17. tink1470 says:

    New Perspective is on tap tap!! i didnt know that ahhh

  18. Prygst says:


    It’s a Demo that you have a limited time to play.

  19. DaLaw66 says:

    Thanks for the review, I’m looking for games for my girlfriend, and this helped :)
    PS: With a voice like yours I’d look into doing voice-overs or radio!

  20. AcidKnockDown says:

    Free, but only a few levels or parts of the game :)

  21. TheSuperNaomi says:

    what does lite meann ?

  22. GirlyIpodTouch says:

    Yes they all are but i had a few lite versions :/

  23. JustinBieberismyman says:

    Are they all free?

  24. foxyroxyroxmysox says:

    thank you so much!

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