Gta 4 iPhone 3gs video

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Pap smearing on sum nabs, the video is recorded with an iphone it is on xbox

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28 Responses to Gta 4 iPhone 3gs video

  1. Michael1Jackson11 says:

    sorry for trolling but fake

  2. tongogta says:

    bear O_o

  3. iixry4nxii says:

    @will84man i did not read it but i typed it.

  4. counterstrikee13 says:

    Thats a tv!!!!

  5. Wolcorn says:

    man, i know the trick! really an iphone vid, cuz it’s recorded by an iphone! Who is da genius? (not me, i know…)

  6. dgbillybobjoe93 says:

    u r a mentally different moron if u think that’s an iPhone. really, i think that it’s a tv. just a thought.

  7. SnakeBiit says:

    @iixry4nxii sry ,i dont understand u :D

  8. iixry4nxii says:

    @SnakeBiit its not coke

  9. SnakeBiit says:

    @iixry4nxii omg! why? :D

  10. iixry4nxii says:

    @SnakeBiit your going to hell for saying that

  11. SnakeBiit says:

    the coca-cola bottle :D

  12. mtchasi says:

    this is xbox and sanyo tv not a iphone thumbs up if u agree :]

  13. aNdReSkKkK says:

    iphone recording a tv

  14. TheLilcaldwell says:

    you can see the tv

  15. drakil100 says:

    we are not idiots or are you idiot (iPhone=satyo :P)

  16. Ghost0565974435 says:

    OMG This is not Iphone this is ISanyo ………

  17. VaconCamp says:

    @simbabadass LOL that’s the point. title sais iPhone, but it’s a Sanyo TV. So I say Sanyo iPhone to make him think I believe him.

  18. simbabadass says:

    @VaconCamp dude its a tv

  19. VaconCamp says:


  20. Dominicsky says:

    dude, if you can afford to buy an iphone, i guess you would have showed it to us wouldn’t you..

  21. casper27220 says:

    ses a la tv

  22. daundertaker122 says:

    lol it’s a tv

  23. 66Kane says:

    There are sanyo monitors too. Old sanyo monitors look like the one in the video. i used to have it 2 yrs back

  24. LOLZpersonok says:

    i knew it was a tv!

  25. iixry4nxii says:

    It’s a tv

  26. Sonow21 says:

    How quick will I get the referrals?

  27. champwade3 says:

    no im not dis is 4real no bullshit no scammin nothing ill even help you

  28. antwauntheg says:

    yo ass is lie n lol

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