How to get any paid (Cracked) Apps for FREE on iPod touch/iPhone 3G/s

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.::Follow me on Twitter::. In this video I will show how to get any application you want for free on your iPhone or iPod touch. Depending on which OS you are running (3.0/3.1,2) Make sure you download AppSync also from Cydia otherwise the applications you download will not appear on your springboard. Source: If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Please rate, comment and subscribe Thanks For Watching

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25 Responses to How to get any paid (Cracked) Apps for FREE on iPod touch/iPhone 3G/s

  1. RaNdOmNeSs569 says:

    @TheTechDaily it says i need a search network what is that?

  2. coolness128 says:

    superduperawwesome thanks alot

  3. coolness128 says:

    superduperawwesome thanks alotr

  4. thewildwood90 says:

    thanks dude dis is da shit it worked perfectly for me XD

  5. vertexstorm says:

    PIRATED APPS CONTAIN VIRUSES SOMETIMES. My friend toasted his dad’s iphone from a pirated app virus and his dad lost his job because he lost some important info..Good luck.

  6. SupremeIntentionCrew says:

    yo how can i find ibluetooth cracked

  7. crazyzombie99 says:

    @imjustdope i guess operating system

  8. ebhgx says:

    hey how do you get the sinful iphone repo thing?

  9. TheTechDaily says:

    @czaros1994 Yes.

  10. czaros1994 says:

    a small question. will the apps still work after syncing iPhone with iTunes ???

  11. czaros1994 says:


  12. czaros1994 says:

    When i try to download Installous than it says says Operation timed out after a while. do you know why?

  13. TIPClan says:

    Omg! Thank you!!!!!!!!

  14. alberg21 says:

    thanks dude i really appreciate ur help

  15. Rockstarsss says:

    appulo.not working

  16. pilot1115 says:

    it gives me an error with that websight and hackulo:( help meee

  17. pedroh106 says:

    Oh my god thank you!

  18. Chris81292 says:

    this still working fine?

  19. TheTechDaily says:

    @imjustdope This works for every OS, but just make sure you download the correct AppSync for the OS you are on.

  20. imjustdope says:

    whats OS and how do you know which one you have?

  21. TheTechDaily says:

    @fcuk088 Yes you should be able to jailbreak it fine.

  22. fcuk088 says:

    @TheTechDaily Hi,

    I got the 8GB Ipod touch MC model and its on 3.1.3 firmware. Can i jailbreak it ? I want a untethered version. Is it possible. If i downgrade to 3.1.2 then jailbreak would it affect my ipod touch since it is MC model ?

  23. TheTechDaily says:

    @vgod No problem, glad to help

  24. vgod says:

    thanks. works perfectly!!!

  25. karoliuxas18 says:

    appulo is gone ;(

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