How to Get Over 100 Free Games & Applications for iPod Touch

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***READ ME*** This way will get you loads of different things to do on your iPod Touch. All Applications are from iTunes! Subscribe! =D UPDATE: Okay guys, who ever gets pissed at this video for some dumb reason, don’t bother commenting because number one…you sound like an idiot. Number two, I really, REALLY don’t give a shit what you have to say unless its constructive crtisim, a nice comment, or a question. NOTICE:::::::::: YOU NEED A JAILBROKEN IPOD TOUCH FOR THIS TO WORK HAPPY DOWNLOADING AND IF YOU HAVY ANY QUESTIONS,FEEL FREE TO ASK!!!! im soon going to do many videos for macs , ipod touchs , playstation 3 etc. ask me about anything at all and i will make a video!!!!!!u
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24 Responses to How to Get Over 100 Free Games & Applications for iPod Touch

  1. Asumboode says:

    it didnt work but i have a jail broken ipod

  2. aurisrimo says:

    my ipod model is wery old to instal jb!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. JasonAndPredator says:

    can some give me a link besides apptracker cuz it doesn’t have that much apps

  4. burnttwinkies says:

    thank you come again

  5. kibaalberto says:

    every video that talks about ipods ect has a indian in it WTF not that i dont like u people u people r coooll but its a bit creapy hahaha

  6. isparkle1006 says:

    I can´t understand what you say, your talking weird

  7. Zee4y0u says:

    how can i put the game into my Ipod Touch 4Generation


  8. mrguitarhero9 says:

    @miguelloquendo999 ahahah

  9. mrguitarhero9 says:

    @vin1138 man in your ipod go to cydia and typ in hackuls.. and download it now u can try

  10. miguelloquendo999 says:

    Im comenting this comment with my ipod

  11. vin1138 says:

    why i can’t download it :’( please help

  12. 818M0DZ says:

    we don’t need to see your gay as face you beaner

  13. Edogmillionair102 says:

    does it work

  14. Edogmillionair102 says:

    @davidjllo lol

  15. davidjllo says:


  16. fastdevil667 says:

    hey dude… is gone!!!

  17. TheCrazyrider323 says:

    dude tis need subtitle jesus

  18. strickmans says:

    can u show how to get screen flow and photo shop

  19. fariq10 says:

    ouh i know your problem… appsync from cydia

  20. fariq10 says:

    u can install installous on your iphone

  21. strickmans says:


  22. madmaddymanu says:

    is your ipod jailbroken?

  23. strickmans says:

    i dowonlaod it and i sync but doens’t go in games

  24. madmaddymanu says:

    sorry for the bad quality ill make sure my next videoss are much better!!!!!

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