How To Install NES Emulator On Iphone/iTouch

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We show you how to install the NES emulator on your iphone or itouch. Source:

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25 Responses to How To Install NES Emulator On Iphone/iTouch

  1. eltejano1100 says:

    u freeken need 2 speac lowder

  2. patrickagel says:

    I jailbroke my ipod touch but there is no program called “Installer” and I don’t know how to get that

  3. TYP1C4L says:

    I agree. I couldn’t even hear him with the volume turned all the way up. I had to download the video, and play it in MPC with the volume normalized.

  4. hihihibadbad says:

    speak louder

  5. iYell2u says:

    everytime I try to download ANYTHING it says “Error Package download failed” what do I do?

  6. Midragor says:

    Hey dudes ! I got a nice way to know how to jailbreak an Itouch ! Now listen, I’m sure you know that trick, go on Youtube and then type: ”How to jailbreak an Itouch”

    This should work if one of those video is good… good luck

  7. bigteddy009 says:

    my inteller dosent have that

  8. wereguy2 says:

    Yeah, I jailbroke it a few days ago :D

  9. snail19 says:

    Just do a google search. The jailbreak for the 2nd gen itouch came out a week ago.

  10. wereguy2 says:

    :( I wish I had a dad like that

  11. 1catpoop1 says:

    sorry i dont know ho to either…my dad jailbroke it for me…….T_T sorry

  12. wereguy2 says:

    Please tell me how o_O :D

  13. 1catpoop1 says:

    mwahah i have a second gen ipod touch…AND IT IS JAIBROKEN!!!!welll teather jailbroken =

  14. aandlbdcinc says:

    a couple of things:
    1. how do you do it manually?
    2. rom stands for read only memory, meaning you can’t change it, and that isn’t only for games.
    3. it’s not best to have a source because it takes up extra memory for games you don’t even want.
    4. where is the source?

  15. wereguy2 says:

    Waaahh!?!?! HOW HOW HOW! xP

  16. RSthugg1n says:

    mine is..

  17. chilomatamoros89 says:

    any one has a newer source for the roms this doesent work+

  18. wereguy2 says:

    2g Ipods cannot be jailbroken yet…

  19. NikoMiraRayo says:


    i have the 2gen ipod !!and i cant open that thing of installer !!!

    please someone help me !

  20. BPX3F says:

    my keeps saying source could not be refreshed!

  21. krazykiven says:

    hw=ow do u get the SNES simulator?
    someone help?

  22. rasengen100 says:

    can you put this stuff on the newer itouches or can you only use the app store

  23. jayp28 says:

    you type in the link or even tell us what to type in? big boss? NES? im left confused

  24. sourmaxxi says:

    i need a wifi connection and im using tmobile on my phone, how can i get the wifi connection?????????

  25. excel61987 says:

    iphoneblab . com

    iphoneblab. com

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