iMech – 3D iPhone Game / iPod Touch Game

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Shows real time multi-player gameplay for iMech. Which is an 3D iPhone game that will be released by Flying Dino.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to iMech – 3D iPhone Game / iPod Touch Game

  1. hovercycle says:

    Looks really fun! Keep up the good work and throw in some hover tanks :) I’m getting a new iPod touch in a week…

  2. iphoneshareorg says:


  3. sicandmorfacbani says:

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    ipad games and iphone games and apps, without the app store !

  4. boyzinyourclub says:

    I wuld have bought this game if the servers werent down plz fix this flying dino games

  5. boyzinyourclub says:

    It Looks very good for only a dollar but there are many bad reviews on this game in the app store but wi-fi is online play right? in ur commercial it sed

  6. DumberCheese says:

    I thouht this was a online multiplayer game like gameloft live not local wifi

  7. QUIRKstudios says:


  8. TheHellBound666 says:

    makes me want an ipod touch even more XD

  9. iarik0440 says:

    why do you need to buy it if you can download it free on installous or trough your computer from appulous

  10. SoopaMario1 says:

    Now it’s AUD$1.19
    get it.
    Its awesome

  11. pumaile says:

    You’re playing on iPhones or iPods ?

  12. Hexonip says:

    It’s too bad you have not updated the game as promised. And why did you not keep those life indicators that are represented in this video? iMech is a highly entertaining game which I enjoy, although I have been unsatisfied with your inability to keep in touch with your fans / keep promises on updates..

  13. mwszx123 says:

    that is crazy gameplay right there.. good job guys!

  14. msun9681 says:

    i cant get it to work for my ipod touch..i can access like the main menu but i cant get into the gameplay, please help!

  15. stix12121212 says:

    Come on please make it only 1.99 I will get it only if it’s 1.99

  16. TheRoker666 says:

    really good game. nice job

  17. sayinaloha says:

    Can’t wait for this one! Apple get off your butt and approve it already!!!

  18. iDiggins says:

    Omg this was submitted on like the the 8th right??? This needs to come out!!!!

  19. mantasceponis1 says:

    nice! but how do you make the games please please send me back on my acc

  20. ryoung610 says:

    Shut up what’s wrong with you. 1.99 is enough shoot it should be a 1.00

  21. jn1551 says:

    you should do 3.99 cuz its such an awesome game

  22. FlyingDinoGames says:

    We are shooting for a $1.99 – $3.99 but we have not decided yet.

  23. FlyingDinoGames says:

    We hope to submit it soon we have been adding buildings and cars that you can crush and also missiles and mine and more Mechs.

  24. theuglypatchkid says:

    wow!!! i want this game is it going to be out soon?

  25. KillarBigT says:


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