Jailbroken iPod touch with NES, Games, and iPhone Apps

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My jailbroken ipod touch with all the cool hacks on it, enjoy! This includes tap tap revolution and mario!

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25 Responses to Jailbroken iPod touch with NES, Games, and iPhone Apps

  1. ilike2sing1 says:

    if i have a jailbroken ipod and restore it to when it wasnt jailbroken will it still be jailbroken??? (I know it sounds weird)

  2. NoelChildress says:


  3. kyle2010sk8er says:

    my mom listens to this.

  4. BrockValenzuela says:


  5. DaProblemo says:

    did you have redtube there?

  6. MarcoLedford says:



  7. hulkfan97 says:

    @sk8rboi714 who gives a shit about the damn son retard

  8. JG16778 says:

    Dude what is your slide to unlock sound called?

  9. tomha7 says:

    i want to break FREE!!!!!

  10. tomha7 says:

    i want to get FREE !!!!!!!!!

  11. jbarriga2 says:

    fail 1:23 to 1:30

  12. celticsjock101 says:

    yeah and bu playing just 2 minutes your ipods battery is eaten

  13. chanamarrietta says:

    For unlocking I’d recommend softunlock. com Then you can jailbreak with SoftJailBreak {.} com No cost at all – and they work!

    Gimme a thumbs up!

  14. 1baelus says:

    what is jailbroken??

  15. elnoramorasca says:

    For unlocking I’d recommend softunlock. com

    Jailbreak with SoftJailBreak. com

    Once jailbroken, go to HackedApps. com

    These work and are free.

  16. FFlover14 says:

    you didn’t even tell us were to get them. fucktard.

  17. TheMarioo0 says:

    stop usin 1 finger u suck wid 1 finger

  18. 101camdaman says:

    will the ipod have delayed reactions like the one shown, or has that one just had it’s share of wear?

  19. monkeybuttgut says:

    Jail Breaking is so easy a cave man can do it!

  20. corban48 says:

    @sk8rboi714 dude its all over the video….

  21. preemptivejonat says:

    USAiTunesGiftCards . COM Says it all !

  22. LilJeff70 says:

    Thanks now i kno wat im gettin

  23. SkinShot24 says:

    @HaloFilmClips right now installous is kinda down but there’s an alternative, the cydia app is called appcake. search for how to install it.

  24. allan136Q says:

    i have jailbreak ONLY for free games, but the first time i jailbreak mi ipod i install Winter board, infinny board and emulators, sbsettings, etc…
    I think mi ipod run fast.
    but i restore, because spirit can jailbreak the 3.1.3.
    after restore and jailbreak with spirit, runs 3x, than the previous jailbreak.

  25. HaloFilmClips says:

    to get free apps its call installous you have to add a source on cydia and then download it i forgot the source so just type in hoe to get installous then u get free apps #FTW

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