most addictive game for ipod touch!

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this is the most addictive game for the ipod touch and its free! so plz rate comment and subscribe!

Now in iTunes Demo of one of the first iPhone/iPod Touch games to utilize bluetooth connectivity. Cool retro graphics, Music and SFX. Coming soon to the iTunes App store.
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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39 Responses to most addictive game for ipod touch!

  1. scullcrusher800 says:

    clip your nails damn

  2. KrapuulTube says:

    @Machops999 Nice, my pb is upgraded to 93 :D

  3. Machops999 says:

    @KrapuulTube i beat it since got 78 something — 86.76 immense ;)

  4. Sfxyfufu says:

    What’s your record

  5. SNIPERHILL1 says:

    32.99 seconds

  6. abbeycoffee says:

    @18Dylan18 on the pda?? if i am correct

  7. wasserbrunner says:

    Just got my first app into the App Store! It’s a game called Swift Hit !

  8. KrapuulTube says:

    @Machops999 I saw you :p My best is 86.76 , Arno De Clercq is my name ;)

  9. sanderino says:

    is that a game i rather shit on my phone

  10. 18Dylan18 says:

    this game was originally not on the ipod touch, it was originally called escapa and i used to play it a few years ago

  11. bluester4729 says:

    fuck you bitxh

  12. Mrlogan2914 says:

    you are gay

  13. Zfactor100 says:

    no wonder its free…

  14. jjcomet93 says:

    man this is just block frenzy…

  15. durghamstar says:

    57.62 sec yahooooo

  16. Machops999 says:

    my pb is 76.53 secs but i got ttah cos i broke my leg so i couldnt walk around yeh so i got that score. if u look on the hi scores matt hope it will show me

  17. MrBobbedybob says:

    shes crap… even i got 33 and i dont even have an i touch!

  18. monkeyzrule111 says:

    not even possible

  19. monkeyzrule111 says:

    not even possible

  20. TroyM437 says:

    i got 20 xD.

  21. Pokehokee says:

    I got 55 sec!

  22. BiNKYnBREEproduction says:

    lol, mine is 4.20

  23. theambition says:

    my record is 4.39 seconds

  24. babygangsters69 says:

    51.36 that’s my personal record..!! :]

  25. warhawk239 says:

    everyone sees this game and say “it looks cheap” but once thay start playing it, its so freakin addictive!!!!

  26. chickenhouse says:

    This is a paid app again now. But there is a free LITE version if you would like to check it out for free.

  27. XxjustinxXx says:

    who would pay for it in the first place!

  28. Myspottech says:

    this looks fun. I might buy sometime just to give you some support.

  29. BaltoMovie says:

    im taking about what the game is revolved around, Peer to Peer gaming on the new 3.0 firmware

    i cant get mine to work though

  30. chickenhouse says:

    I’m not sure what you are talking about? This video is about an iPhone app called Attack – Wireless Bluetooth Spaceship Battle. Available in iTunes.

  31. BaltoMovie says:

    i tried to play light bike online but it said Can’t connect to Sever open UPD port #6603 or something like that


  32. webtopia says:

    I’ve made this app FREE but for a limited time!

  33. webtopia says:

    This app is now available in the iTunes store

  34. johnathon124 says:

    That because this is an official application from Apple, and details about it cannot be given away according to Apple. if you are a developer for Apple, you should know about this. i dont check the Updates, thats why i did not know about it. so that was why i asked.

  35. MrJTRipper says:

    you selfish idiot, you ask us for help, then after you don’t want to help others. people like you should gtfo, leecher

  36. messierandgordon1124 says:


  37. johnathon124 says:

    never mind, i found out about it.

    And i dont want anyone asking for it or how i got it.

  38. johnathon124 says:

    Wait there is a real iPhone simulator? i wanna try it!! not many people have 3.0, so I have no one to play bluetooth multiplayer with. Is the Simulator OS X, Windows, or both? and is it only for developers or avilable to anyone?

  39. lookatme4 says:

    cool mang

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