my top 5 games for ipod touch

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the games that i think are good
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to my top 5 games for ipod touch

  1. beyondskate28 says:

    idk good games

  2. CDKrahl says:


  3. Jawz1240 says:

    hey man actually cooking mama is really fun and addicting! nice video! i downloaded all of them!

  4. killersmashers says:

    umm ok mybe im not counting right but that is 6 games not 5

  5. DrugFree001 says:

    cool! Sonic!

  6. hellwar2121 says:

    @hjhdet i agree bro

  7. hjhdet says:

    Yes cuz old sonic games rule new sonic suck

  8. zorathain says:

    sonic …really? >_>

  9. mangaboi95 says:

    lol Mj in the background R.I.P

  10. hjhdet says:

    no i am hawaiian Portuguese but my full name sounds hella mexican keoni jose marques except for my first name and i have 2 brothers n 1 sister thats mexican

  11. SuperOhyeah12 says:

    r u mexican?

  12. xownedu3x says:

    lol cooking mama!!!!

  13. doomblade100 says:


  14. SpartanWertyooooooo says:

    Lmao cookin mama!!!!!!!!!!!
    No offense 5/5 stars

  15. lyrik007kings says:

    i heard assassins creed was awesome and LMAO HE SAID KINDA ON THE GAY SIDE LMAOROFL

  16. DJgodrocks says:

    Assassin’s creed is awesome… but I can’t get passed a part where I’m trying to get into the hospital and theres vents blowing steam and a huge gate

  17. alexmccaff says:

    thx man this video is really cool, hey try Hero of Sparta it is an awesome game with the best graphics for the ipod/iphone, also the game pocket god is really fun too, nice video

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