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Pocket God iPhone iPod Touch

iPhone iPod Touch Pocket God Game

Introducing Pocket God! Bolt Creative’s latest application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This video includes a demo of the volcano, earthquake and lightning. You are the god of a remote island where you have total control.

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32 Responses to Pocket God iPhone iPod Touch Games

  1. bonbonrocher56 says:


  2. Ryan1849 says:

    @InsanelyINsane the people (pygmies) think your a god an your unseen your the creator you can kill them and mostly do what ever you want with them

  3. HAMMandMAXOfficial says:

    @InsanelyINsane You enjoy it, IDIOT!

  4. cartoonfan79 says:

    That’s just cruelty

  5. SaySomthingSmart says:

    Its free on andriid(:

  6. MyNameHidden123 says:

    Omfg I love this app! My fave part is when you put the double rainbow and the reaction is: “Oh my God, oh my GOD!”
    And no, the game is $0.99

  7. TheSaby25 says:

    is it free?

  8. TheSaby25 says:


  9. vader10100 says:

    @alikescorch62 You need to buy the second game in the Pocket God series, ‘Pocket God: Journey to Uranus’.

  10. boberto322 says:

    @InsanelyINsane screw around

  11. ThedarkChaos100 says:

    Wow, In this version it looks like you can’t do crap. -_-

  12. cyrushimz says:

    Huh what the crap was that. That was the non updated version!

  13. 593danika says:

    @InsanelyINsane well there are different episodes and all the episodes have challenges/tasks so you try to complete all tasks andwhen you finish them all you get trophies

  14. WatchingVideos201 says:

    should try “up, up” app too. just as cute/fun

  15. alikescorch62 says:

    How do I get them into space?

  16. iceybob2 says:

    @therandomchannel78 no

  17. djdude216 says:

    @InsanelyINsane there is challenges to complete and also you just have fun with all the ways to kill them of make them survive

  18. therandomchannel78 says:

    Finally got it! But i got Journey to Uranus

  19. Socalhco888luver1 says:

    @InsanelyINsane well, you have pygmies (the people type things) and you can control how they die, and live. its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fuN!!!!!

  20. DougieFwesh says:

    So basically you give life and take it? nice

  21. TheMeganoob12 says:

    @therandomchannel78 itz 99c

  22. metalafi says:

    i played this for 5 hours straight =O

  23. 12DanihellDG says:


  24. therandomchannel78 says:

    Is it free

  25. Cain640 says:

    @blastofo well, Dø Yøu know any games where Yøu can kill people with a shark with a freakin’ lazer beam?

  26. bailey950 says:

    its called gangster

  27. Billyjoey77 says:

    whats it called

  28. boligrapho says:

    what the fuck are you on about
    its not for pc its for touch

  29. noobysoup says:

    Lol this was out in summer…. It’s for ipod touch/iphone. It’s called gangstar west coast hussle

  30. mattzeepimp5 says:

    not for ipod its for pc its a mmog not out yet

  31. idontcare2000 says:

    News version of the trailer youtube . com /watch?v=j1d7A5X9VZ8&feature=channel

  32. BenNora1972 says:

    I loved your video. I came across a site that will help your channel/video become more popular. It has really helped me out a great deal. The name is w w w . sl8t . com

    much success

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