Pokemon iPod Touch

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Pokemon iPod Touch

Pokemon iPod Touch

The concept of the Pokémon universe, in both the video games and the general fictional world of Pokémon, stems from the hobby of insect collecting

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25 Responses to Pokemon iPod Touch

  1. MsHiddenSecret says:

    Are all the roms installed? OR a collection you can download seperate? ANd if it was the first one, how much room does it take?

  2. avacadoe says:

    do you have to pay for gpsphone????

  3. MrWLangers says:

    why don’t you just buy a game boy advance and the game you wish to play you tight fisted criminals

  4. Rapnicko21238 says:

    Thank you Very Much!!!

  5. theusefulipod says:

    Check out my vid to get pokemon I got perfect like score

  6. LiquidTracks says:

    @xXxCrashlandxXx just add cracked cydia sources, pme me for info.

  7. 50geezus says:

    Please go to my video i just posted it ill be showing you how to get gpsphone with any i repeat ANY GBA GAME without a computer

  8. nevikffud says:


  9. zekromepic678 says:

    wow cool and confused?

  10. jesseabrown1993 says:

    4:20 = Confused? lol

  11. reinoud95 says:

    @CherryLuvPie i guess those work with the built in clock of your gameboy, so they shouldn’t work on any emulator.

  12. CherryLuvPie says:

    Does anyone know how to fix the so called “berry glitch” or the time based events not occurring (such as night and day, raining, and berries not growing) on the this emulator??

  13. PurpleRa1n95 says:

    haha damn right

  14. MathewSeekins says:

    When I open gpSphone I choose my game but then then when the game should be loading it sends me back to the springboard. Can anyone help me?

  15. LilHackkid says:

    IT DUSNT WORK!!!!!!!please help:(

  16. draguliatoras says:

    how to you play it fullscreen sideways?

  17. Cooverz says:

    doesnt work.. it says 404 not found whenever i try. help?

  18. Wazaaapaustin says:

    @xXxCrashlandxXx there is piracy/free everything repos, so actually your not s.o.l. try the Ihacksrepo. google dat shit.

  19. MLxFoReVeR says:

    hey check out my video on how to. its is really easy!!!

  20. H3R0IK310 says:

    Everytime i try to open a gba game on my gpsphone it says ‘sorry but gpSP requires a gameboy adva image to run correctly make sure to ge authentic one, it’ll be exactly 16384 b and should have the following md5sum va


    when you name it gba_bios.bin ni the same directory as gpSP’

  21. xXpokemaster661Xx says:

    Same thing happened to me wen I put download the Roms it says 404 not found any 1 please help

  22. PurpleNdSilver says:

    Can anybody help me? I successfully downloaded the gpsphone but the roms just don’t download. Any advice?

  23. ipodzocker4g says:

    @xXxCrashlandxXx noyou havent got to pay
    add some sources and you get it for free there are more then sources

  24. Yugiohmaster83 says:

    @unkown2k9 Could you put the link in my channel comments or on here. That would be more conveint . thnks

  25. unkown2k9 says:

    @Yugiohmaster83 well this video did not work for me either, but another link did, i’ll mail it to you

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