Ps1 games on ipod touch without a PC

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this video shows how to get ps1 games on to an ipod touch
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Tomahawk to the face killcam, also I’m barely making new CoD clips so don’t be a hater
Video Rating: 0 / 5

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25 Responses to Ps1 games on ipod touch without a PC

  1. TheQuicksterOya says:

    its sources not sooces

  2. RobinThePro says:

    *rofl* english accent xDDDDD

  3. beastish1 says:

    How bout u delete videos when they don’t work any more

  4. mdrntrct says:

    kids get ignored,
    british people get major cred even if they are kids.

  5. delta1644 says:

    @Jeffrey1246 same here

  6. Jeffrey1246 says:

    Serve game don work no more

  7. fusionfallx says:

    Are you a boy or a girl?

  8. fusionfallx says:

    Can you do this on version 3.1.3

  9. Deviljin296 says:

    it doesnt work for me :(

  10. Jailbreakwiz says:

    ur faking ur voice…

  11. StonexxDemonmaggot says:

    ……damnit i got to do the hard way…..use the computer and all that nonsense :[

  12. Georges1290 says:

    can you do this on rock

  13. TheGamesglitcher says:

    @elcatro Your just angry becouse you got fooled into thinking there was cake.

  14. rkndjT says:

    hey why does my ipod say repo doesnt work? everytime i open up cydia, it says failed to fetch irepo. anyone else having this problem?

  15. Usuallyboredalot says:

    damnitttt do one with cydia

  16. elcatro says:


  17. elcatro says:


  18. elcatro says:


  19. elcatro says:

    you fucking mather fucker you can suck my spanish dick u bitch, i know why you dont like accents because a fucking guy whit a accent fuck your mather,sister,girl and he brack your ass on 2! ! you fuck whit one you fuck whit all off us you pussy camo and say that to me not to the kid. he is a kid and he is teaching you how to do somthing and he is a guy whit a accent haha he is doing what you cant do! this comment its for the big PUSSY Ianwalsh56.

  20. rt824 says:

    Good vid actually help me and don’t listen to anybody cuz u didn’t have an accent, and even if u did accents r COOL!!!!

  21. Ianwalsh56 says:

    Kid sound like a fukin fruity ass motha fucka hahahah I’m Ron weasly btw if yur harry potter of course hahah fukin loser

  22. harrybob222 says:

    hello, how do i get the installer i cannot download it from cydia ?… thanks for the help i am sure this would of worked if i could get the installer thanks

  23. patchrojas says:

    mistah pottah?

  24. Qball9311 says:

    @luian90 yeah

  25. luian90 says:

    des it have to be jailbroken?

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