Quake 3 ipod touch

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ipod touch Quake 3


Quake 3, a game having huge cult following is now ported on the iPhone. The way to control the game is very unique and makes use of the iPhones inbuilt Accelerometer. Using the accelerometer for directions and just tapping on the screen for shooting makes this a very simple and immersive way to play this game.

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25 Responses to Quake 3 ipod touch

  1. rafalkoziarz says:

    Vorwerk – Cambodia

  2. PwnJaRick says:

    this looks more like patrick jumpen from holland

  3. vaibzzz123 says:

    Hey, if this doesn’t work for u, go to Cydia and search for it. It’s the demo, but it’s better then nothing (if u want full version, do the same thing it says for activating it, but it will ask for a serial, so it’s pointless)

  4. Mrskotty99 says:

    That game looks bad

  5. PIKACHU49386 says:

    @memyselfandI531 Dude, it’s hardstyle, that’s not gay at all!

  6. PIKACHU49386 says:

    @yankeesatit Oh HELL yeah! Quake 3 is universally cross platformed, which means I can play against you if I were on the original PC version and you with the iPod, along with some other guy on the Dreamcast version! ;)

  7. yankeesatit says:

    Do people still play online?

  8. misko1able says:


  9. maleficXIII says:

    can you stop running? XD

  10. swaqqerall says:

    how do u get openarena on ipod touch 4g

  11. ohnny4 says:

    Never worked

  12. Nick4202010 says:

    by the way its a 3gs running 4.1

  13. Nick4202010 says:

    I have the screen flickering problem on start up ihave installed it perfectly and can run ipa/apps on my iphone any1 know whats wrong with this.

  14. Nick4202010 says:

    I have the screen flickering problem on start up ihave installed it perfectly and can run ipa/apps on my iphone any1 know whats wrong with this.

  15. thexvilo1 says:

    wow man i am gonna try to get a urbant terror for ipod/iphone and ipad, if this works urt wil work to….

    just overwrite the .pak files

  16. memyselfandI531 says:

    Gay music

  17. ohnny4 says:

    Hey, can I insert this application into iTunes App folder and sync it into a unjailbroken 3G iPod touch running 4.1? Can somebody try this out???

  18. bjornhendriks1987 says:

    Graphic is very good but the control sucks

  19. guitarherolegend111 says:

    how do you know how to do the controls? i downloaded it in the past and i have no idea how to play lol

  20. Damocles20D says:

    @dogga94 – only its not vietnam but Cambodia, and it exists in a lot of versions, among those vorwerk, Apoptygma Berzerk, Scooter, etc… the original is by Kim Wilde. IMO, Apoptygmas version is the best cover…

  21. mattehISme says:

    can you play online?

  22. d0hacker says:

    @d0hacker Figured it out, just had to delete a cfg file from the baseq3 folder.. :D Thanks for the tut

  23. d0hacker says:

    i did this but when i launch it it closes after the id logo.. what am i missing? :(

  24. TheHugoish says:

    ipad 3.2.1 confirmed

  25. zuraniumgames says:

    i deleted com.apple.mobil.installation.plist, and now it wont show app store apps, i cant even see the quake icon….

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