Ravensword: The Fallen King – Official Trailer!!! Action RPG iPhone and iPod Touch Game

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This is the official trailer for Ravensword: The Fallen King. It contains cinematics and game play. Ravensword: The Fallen King is currently the most anticipated action RPG for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game contains a massive environment to explore, almost 50 characters (beasts and NPC’s) Many missions, side missions, and mini games. There will be an expansion pack soon after the first release and frequent updates. Ravensword will be released this fall. For more information, please visit www.ravensword.com or follow us on twitter.com/ravensword_rpg

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25 Responses to Ravensword: The Fallen King – Official Trailer!!! Action RPG iPhone and iPod Touch Game

  1. Hugoipodwatches says:

    I loooovvvee ravensword and apparently ravensword 2 is coming out. Where is the area where he is running across the bridge?

  2. Floydthefuckbag says:

    @GodOfGorilla Seven Swords is even better and is also free.

  3. GodOfGorilla says:

    @Montag1992 its one out mmo celtic heros and its free :D

  4. Remember1012 says:

    Terrible game

  5. freshlemonsplitter says:

    Can somebody tell me how i can get the fog away? There is so much fog in the game that i sometimes can’t se anything.

  6. kevinlee564 says:

    lol shit graphics

  7. MrDanielTudor says:

    It should be a good PSP game

  8. TheSonOfBodom says:

    Best ihpone game ever! Aralon, too!!!

  9. GameBeard says:

    This game is terrible, even on the ipad.

  10. MrSenorpockitz says:

    @grazzz a lot has to do with the fact android is a bit shaky for developers. being over many different devices, its hard to create something for all of them. another problem is apple got the head-start. there is only 2-3 games id play on my android compared to the 11-12 id play on my itouch. in time its likely that better games will come out for android, at least we hope so…

  11. jt3w says:

    @Montag1992 Check out Apprentice

  12. grazzz says:

    i must say i hate iPhones… why cant they make at elast something decent for Htc´s as well :(

  13. CashSmeller says:

    @MirthMansion , crusade of destiny is fun too but its way more cartoonish but it’s still fun

  14. CashSmeller says:

    @MirthMansion , if you want a great rpg for the iPhone look at aralon: sword and shadow , even though it costs 10 bucks it’s worth it…but if you just need something quick and easy try ravensword…although I would still recommend aralon

  15. omgalreadyinuse says:

    the immersion of such a beautiful world is ruined by the bright green buttons covering the screen. it would have been nice if they were colorless and a bit transparent

  16. bradalfk says:

    @MirthMansion Well it has really clunky controls, almost no storyline and dull combat. I mean, it does have a few good elements so you may like it, but other RPGs like Dungeon Hunter(1 or 2) on Ipod are way better overall.

  17. MirthMansion says:

    @bradalfk Tell me why its terrible, I was so close to buying in ….I REALLY WANT AN RPG thats looks like this. what sucks about it?

  18. bradalfk says:

    Absolutely terrible game

  19. mrbromantics says:

    @AQWwraithfury no … i dont think a phone game is capable of mmorpg, he means online as in room based.. its not mmorpg

  20. Altermax777 says:

    Aralon and Sacred Odessey now own this laggy junk

  21. olo2223 says:

    Looks almost like Gothic

  22. PVumbe says:

    pfftt.. LOL

  23. AQWwraithfury says:

    @Montag1992 Thats called an MMORPG

  24. amdreowru says:

    @Alejop1995 OMG ty sooo much it works ;)

  25. Alejop1995 says:

    @amdreowru the 2.2 is still “HD” but works on ipod touch 2g like charm, look for it somewhere, like apptrackr

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