SlothNathans Top 10 Most Hated Anime Characters

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THANKS FOR 100 SUBS! Dont troll me if you like some of these characters, remember! it my own personal top 10

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25 Responses to SlothNathans Top 10 Most Hated Anime Characters

  1. DarthJoshReturns says:

    @SlothNathan Granted, she’s no Ichigo, but it’s an improvement.

  2. SlothNathan says:


  3. DarthJoshReturns says:

    If you caught up on the manga, Orihime actually started fighting.

  4. Kuraianimezone says:

    The pig tail anime characters can just be called tsudere lmao I know I am a nerd XD

  5. stargirl1254 says:

    you know, if they took out Shippo, the plot wouldn’t change AT ALL. so Shippo is pretty pointless.

  6. madvid50 says:

    eri is the only stuck up blond i like in anime

  7. brianna7214 says:

    sakura is my most hated xD

  8. uuamenator says:

    Haha liked the vid for the naruto nomination xD

  9. jodzjcm says:

    LOL we have almost the same list :D Specially, in zero no tsukaima..saito and pisses me off. but good story though.

  10. NinjaNeko93 says:


  11. theanimeawsome says:

    cool list i did one to

  12. princesswolf1213 says:

    in number three thats a head band lol

  13. theblackanimeguy says:

    i SOOOOOO agree with #6!! HATE HER WITH A PASSION!!!! YAKUMO ALL THE WAY!!!!! jus saying haha

  14. princesswolf1213 says:

    grr you dont like shippo grr i ought a

  15. inuyashaandkagome135 says:

    i knw somesnoby people tha need to go the fuck 2 hell

  16. thuzan117 says:

    agree with louise, liked the show but goddamit i felt bad for saito, even if he was a fucking idiot when it came to women and NEVER learned. still though he was the victim and his shortcomings are related to the inevitable guy factor so i sympathize. chick from shuffle i liked alot at first too and i guess i still kinda do but…damn she went batshit crazy.

  17. Imhereforyoudude says:

    Haseo. .hack//roots. LOVE THIS SHIT OUT OF THE GAMES/SERIES. But he’s just a winey bitch.

  18. Imhereforyoudude says:

    Charlotte. Yes. You earn my seal of approval. Also the german girl. YES.

  19. RenosG says:

    If it’s from all time animes then you must add Mr Satan in there! Can’t think of a most snnoying character. I agree with Cecilia Alcott, Sakura, Ino and Orihime.

  20. WAOAnimeReviews says:

    @OileainArann i dont watch gundum at all, so it couldn’t possibly be here XD

  21. OileainArann says:

    Nothing from Gundam Seed DESTINY?

  22. jennx18 says:

    @WAOAnimeReviews well she’s better than the others ..sweeter….at least she didnt change from arrogance to suck up like cecilia and that german girl..oo it bothers me how everyone is just obsessed with orimura..the german girl came and i thought ooooo i love how she hated him except the arrogance..and then..she changed. i like houki more cuz like…she stayed the same and doesnt go overboard..she hides a bit..shes a girl so some flirty things r acceptable..and LOL shippo

  23. dxc97 says:

    most of the characters on here i agree with but i do have somthings on her that i was yelling at my computer about, one: mio akiyama i will admit is anoying but her character and how he thinks of her is just plain cute. two: LOUISE IS FRIKIN AWSOME! its one of my favs, three: IS is my most favorite of the winter season and although cecila has some isues and is anoying somtimes she still is a good character. orimura is an idiot though. but every single other character on IS is AWSOME.

  24. cryer3160 says:

    hey hey hey
    “i am so awesome that i will even be nice to you” is awesome ok… you who failed to notice that made me so mad, but alas its your list, that thing is really ugly, maybe if she disappeared after that fight and never appear again like those gym leaders in Pokemon, she would have left a better impression on me too.

  25. megadude62000 says:

    You cracked me up on shippo, so many burns

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