Sonic the Hedgehog App Review for iPhone iPod Touch (Games)

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25 Responses to Sonic the Hedgehog App Review for iPhone iPod Touch (Games)

  1. FeroX32 says:

    @Chris707ac And sonic 3 is the best of the sonic games too :(

  2. Marnlaws says:

    Is there any way you can save the can in tired if dieing and having to start all the way over

  3. Chris707ac says:

    why isnt sonic 3 on itouch i have sonic 1 and 2 on my itouch but y not 3?

  4. ToontownTigercat says:

    I have sonic sonic to and sonic four

  5. nessy17142 says:

    can i have this on my ipod nano?????

  6. DubbleTheGs says:

    It was on the Sega Genesis
    The a, b, and c buttons on the controller of the genesis all did the same thing so sega just made the app with one button

  7. satansam says:

    Such a bad review.

  8. martmit says:

    i have this on my ipod, but y doesnt show anyhting about two player or one player at the beggining, y is that? and is this exactly how it was on sega?

  9. Musicloverandgamer says:

    @Rafescow And how ?

  10. Rafescow says:

    @Musicloverandgamer no, it’s pretty easy to crack tho, just jailbreak your iPhone / iPod Touch

  11. Musicloverandgamer says:

    Is it free ?
    i want 2 know

  12. DJWrath1 says:

    Only thing bad about is that there are no a and c buttons cause you need them to use the cheats in the sound test area.

  13. Roxaspwns360 says:

    @xXBlazefirelpXx Your welcome. I’m here to help.

  14. xXBlazefirelpXx says:

    @Roxaspwns360 Ah, I suppose its fine on my Laptop for now XD. Thanks for your help though :3.

  15. Roxaspwns360 says:

    @xXBlazefirelpXx You can try to do it. I wouldn’t know however. There might be some crashing issues though. And you have to make it an ipa…

  16. xXBlazefirelpXx says:

    @Roxaspwns360 Since you can swap Sonic1′s rom over and make Sonic2 work like in this video. is there not a way to just simply replace the rom when putting it onto your iphone?

  17. Roxaspwns360 says:

    @xXBlazefirelpXx Nope, not yet. SEGA will be releasing Sonic 3 soon.

    The real Sonic 2 was recently released in th Appstore. Check it out.

    I’m sure Sonic 3 is on it’s way. Then Sonic + Knuckles if we’re lucky.

    Then a big treat. Sonic 4 this July.

  18. xXBlazefirelpXx says:

    @Roxaspwns360 Would Sonic3 work?

  19. kaassoufle says:

    It’s a fake.. This app was never released. He switched the original Sonic Rom from the sonic app for the sonic 2 rom. It’s pretty easy, I’ve done it myself back when Sonic was just released in the appstore.

    You can even take it a step further and change the intro screen and the icon.

  20. leap90 says:

    @drybones100 i have the sonic 1 app. i think he hacked it to get sonic 2

  21. drybones100 says:

    you just buy it, its an app :D

  22. leap90 says:

    Please tell me how you got that game on your ipod/iphone

  23. EricVierthaler92 says:

    The app store only has sonic 1 not sonic 2. How did u get sonic 2?

  24. jonnylawwro says:

    I got all these on my iPhone for free at:

  25. FellageXXX says:

    Nice review.

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