Top 10 Paid N Free Ipod Touch games (2011)

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My top 10 paind and free ipod touch games 2011, rate comment,subscribe Games- 10th-Fruit Ninja 9th-Face Fighter 8th-Plants vs Zombies 7th-OverKill- FREE! 6th-BattleField 2 (Bad Company) 5th-Street Fighter 4th-Call of duty (COD) Zombies 3rd-Dead Space 2nd-Angry Birds 1st-NOVA2

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10 Responses to Top 10 Paid N Free Ipod Touch games (2011)

  1. sanozuke10 says:

    i like face fighter.. haha.. but i guess you mus improve your video quality.. but still nice video.. liked..

  2. DavidBizkit says:

    THX FOR 1,000 VIEWS GUYS!!!

  3. hayhacker55 says:

    thx but video recoding quality is so bad >

    use auto focus HD Camera such as 720p or 1080p >

    thx again .

  4. DavidBizkit says:

    @xprinceofmacedonx =)

  5. xprinceofmacedonx says:

    Nice video although I don’t like playing games on my phone unless I absolutely have to lol

  6. DavidBizkit says:

    @krisame1 dojo samurai is better n free

  7. supermactrainer says:

    Just work on video quality.Either way this is good.

  8. barsason1 says:

    nice thank you

  9. barsason1 says:

    first comment nice thank you

  10. krisame1 says:

    low quality :S
    anyway, if you like fruit ninja you should play veggy samurai. its better.

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